Reprise of Sashimi & Sake

Last evening we enjoyed a reprise of our sashimi from Catalina Offshore Products - Hamachi (cultured Japanese yellowtail), Ankimo (monkfish liver), Unagi Kabayaki (BBQ’d freshwater eel); Saba (pickled mackeral), and Toro (rich tuna belly). These were served with soy sauce, wasabi, lightly vinegared ginger, thin cucumber slices, shredded daikon, and daikon sprouts. We ate inside at our dining table since there was a stiff cool breeze and rain all around us (but not here, except for a few mid-afternoon sprinkles).

We finished the 1/3 bottle of Yaegaki Mu left over from Labor Day; it was still very tasty. We then had a Kiku Sui Junmai Ginjo - more rustic, and more robust flavors. When we had finished the sashimi, we followed with three each shrimp and pork potstickers, with Ponzu and Gyoza sauces. The lighter, citrusy Ponzu was best with the shrimp and the darker richer Gyoza was very good with the spicy pork. The potstickers were enjoyed with the Kiku Sui sake.

Then for dessert, while watching qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza (via TiVo), we had the classic dessert for a sashimi dinner, chocolate. TJ’s chocolate bars were very nice with another 2006 Susana Balbo ‘Virtuoso’ late-harvest Malbec from Mendoza.

Tonight we finished the sashimi that we started on Labor Day and had more of Saturday - hamachi, chu-toro, ankimi, and a little bit of mackeral. We ate inside again, since a good thunderstorm blew in and drenched and cooled everything. All was enjoyed with thinly sliced Japanese cucumber, daikon sprouts, shredded daikon, lightly soy sauce, & wasabi and a very nice Wakatake Onikoroshi Junmai Daiginjo sake. As the rains diminished, it was interesting to watch the changing clouds over the mountains.

Then for dessert, while watching the Monza GP-2 race (via TiVo), we had again the classic finisher for a sashimi dinner - Chocolate!; TJ’s chocolate bars with 2006 Susana Balbo Late-Harvest Malbec ‘Virtuoso’; a nice finish to an enjoyable meal.

Nice work Dick. Love good Hamachi. Lot’s people don’t dig it for its fishy oiliness but I love some fresh Mackeral also.

We tend to prefer the more ‘flavorful’ fish as well, both as sashimi and cooked.