Repatriate your own Tasting Notes to our new home?

I decided to do so. Better to build our new home with a backlog of tasting notes, no?

This is one of those “I wish I had started using CellarTracker when Eric started the thing” moments.

Most of my tn’s are still on paper with big red blotches here and there, written in my unintelligible drunkenscript.

Drew, why? How is a TN from 2003 relevant now?

Exactly!! I am just too lazy to add all of these to CellarTracker today, as it would require me to figure it out, register, etc. A task for another day, I guess.

I want to be able to search the new site for tasting notes, Paul. Not as relevant as they once were, but still valuable to me anyway. One of the valuable things about parker’s site is the number of hitorical tasting notes accessible via a search.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll work on it…at work tomorrow [cheers.gif] .

We aren’t talking about YOUR TN. NO one is interested in them, even from yesterday. [1928_middle_finger.gif]

Cellartracker is much better equipped for note searching and archiving than any bulletin board software, go for it!

As Manuel said to Polly, “Evenshwally.”

I agree with this sentiment. I always check CT for tasting notes before going to any of the forums.

If you can get your notes into a spreadsheet with a wine name, vintage, date, (score optional), and the note you can bulk import them. I had someone bring in 4,000 notes the other day.

agreed…I don’t want to discuss how a wine showed six months ago…nice thought though.

Definitely agree. With all due respect, why burden the “Wine Talk” forum with more TNs. We’ve already got a 2/3 margin of TNs to actual “talk” anyway. [shrug.gif] Frankly, at the top of my wish list would be to have the TNs in a separate forum. It would be a lot less trouble to find a conversation. Just sayin’.


Yea, those tasting notes are trouble for a wine board. [rofl.gif]

The BEST tasting note search engine on the web is right here . . ." onclick=";return false;

Many conversations start with tasting notes. Tasting notes are usually marked as such with a ‘TN’ in the title or a CT icon or glass. Hard to separate talking about wine from talking about wine anyways. :wink:


TNs, pound for pound, pull fewer responses. As such, they’ll individually cycle off the main page faster than general subject posts. Meanwhile, they’re like slow moving cars in the fast lane, clogging stuff up. Of course they have a place. But, why not put them in a separate forum? Just my .02 of course.

I think most people see them AS Wine Talk is what I’m getting at. What else are they? And don’t other topics you would rather not read also “clog” up Wine Talk in the same manner? I guess I can’t differentiate them from wine talk in my mind.