Remind me... "Grande Cuvee Wine" retailer

So I’m drinking a 2016 Domaine Labet Jura Pinot Noir Les Varrons, and I look up my purchase on CellarTracker. Bought it roughly two years ago from “Grande Cuvee Wine” but have ZERO recollection of who that is. I mostly buy from Envoyer, Rare Wine Co, and local Atlanta retailers, and not sure at all why I would have taken a shot at a $45 Jura pinot. Googling “Grande Cuvee Wine” turns up nothing. I’m guessing one of you fine folks will enlighten me on who they are?

By the way, the wine is nice - very “natty” - a bit fizzy, funky, in a good way, cranberries and earthy herbaceous notes. Tastes more cru Boo than Burgundy, which I maybe remember someone making a comparison to when I purchased it.

i believe this was a michael madrigale venture. not sure it still exists. i think labet was picked up by a different importer in new york?