Red Wine Friday - Seal Beach Wine Cellar - November 12 @6pm

Red Wine Friday @ Seal Beach Wine Cellar on November 12 starting at 6pm.

Bring a bottle of red wine or two(yes FCMIII, you can bring a white burgundy) neener

Basically this is about the wine with some nice appetizers. This will include market plates with cheese and cured meats, some truffle butter popcorn, bruschetta, and assorted tacos or grilled panini.

This is an all in price of $20. Make sure to bring stems.

Look forward to seeing all that can make it,



  1. SPK
  2. Brad Short
  3. Chris Partlow
  4. Megan Rappe
  5. Robin Miller
  6. Chris Fitch
  7. Steve Anderson
  8. Mindy Rappe
  9. Katie
  10. Jorge and Jen

I’m in! Great price, yummy food!

I have been wanting to try this place, count me in…


You are counted in.

Hope to be able to make this, Sean-o. Especially if Robin brings a kick ass white burg and maybe Ms. White can be goaded to bring more East European wine from a non-EU country.


Would always look forward to your company. Hope it fits in you schedule.



Since the OC crew seems a bit slow in responding, [berserker.gif] hope you can make room for a San Diegan. I’m only about an hour away in north county, so would be glad to particpate if it is ok.



Just out of wonders here…is this the place on Main Street in Old Town Seal Beach ?? When i move back home in January im nearly a quick 5-10 minute walk/stumble away …


There is always room for a San Diegan. I will PM you later today, as I am out the door right now.


Yes, it is on Main and Electric.


So sorry, something has come up and I won’t be able to make it tonight… Have fun and see you at the next one…


Will catch you next time.

Steve, thank you for giving me the opportunity to try the Rivers’Marie Cab and the Bedrock Syrah. Both were hitting on all cylinders

The Rusden was showing very well as was the 08 August West Graham’s and the 05 Copain Eagle Ranch(there are stems in this one) The 07 A.P. Vin Keefer was amoung a lot of people’s favorites. 09 Melville Verna’s pinot needed some air time and remained a little tight, but nice components were there. Thanks to all for a great evening, great company, and great wine. A special thanks to Chris Partlow, owner of the Main Street Wine Cellar for having a great layout and food. Dug the guitar player as well. [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]


Great to meet and chat with you, Chris F and the local Seal Beach crew. Had a great time and echo your commments that Chris Partlow has a great place. His team did a great job on what was obviously a very busy night. First class all around.

Great wines and enjoyed the Pinots, particularly the August West Graham’s and the '07 A.P. Vin Keefer Ranch. Very different expressions, but both were great. Agree that '04 Rusden Cab was excellent and a treat to be able to try it. I was worried that the Bedrock Old Lakeville Syrah would need significant air, but it surprised me and seemed pretty open from the get go.

Thanks for letting a San Diegan sneak into to mix. Hope to be able to do it again!

Cheers, [cheers.gif]