Red Wine found to increase female sexual libido

"Dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, has a similarly positive effect on the female libido. " [give_heart.gif]

Is it correlation or causation? Do more women have sex after drinking wine because of the alcohol and its impairment of their judgment or because the antioxidants make them happy? :smiley:

Cris, you just posited, “Is it correlation or causation?” … but then went on to ask (basically), ‘Is it causation 1 or is it causation 2?’

sorry … could not resist. wednesdays suck.

The same can be said for…

Re: Red Wine found to increase female sexual libido

Really? I must be a genius because I knew this in 1977. Was present at lots of sweet 16 paries that year. [gen_fro.gif]

sounds like an excuse to me [dance2.gif]

Leave it to the Italians to discover such a thing…

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Now I know the reason for my break up, she drank the white, I drank the red!!!

[beee.gif] …I believe, from my distant youth, that I was involved in a few scientific test cases…

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the women who “sampled” quaaludes had a MUCH higher libido, than those who drank wine. [highfive.gif] [heat.gif]

Those werent women… [berserker.gif]

Padre…you are right!! Those were willing and EAGER women. [highfive.gif]

Ah the memories. 714’s/ Leg spreaders. Wish I had me some today. Not much else seems to work. [blush2.gif]

Spread and loosened up a few other things too:) [dance2.gif]

And if I remember correctly, they seemed to want to have a close girlfriend with them, to …um…keep them company…you know, like threes company?? [highfive.gif]