Recs for a spontaneous Central Coast trip

I may travel through the Paso Robles / SLO / Lompoc / Central Coast area this coming weekend and I’m looking for recommendations that don’t require planning or appointments.

I’m open to trying new things, but I have to say that I’m not very familiar with the wines and I have been avoiding them somewhat due to my preference of less ripe, higher acid wines. My experience so far has been Alban Revas (half of which I found way over the top and half of which I liked, albeit not my style and would not purchase), Jonata (generally liked the wines), Tablas Creek (ok), and Au Bon Climat (it’s been a while, but I remember liking them).

Two wineries I really like that I feel are less ripe / good acid are Liquid Farm and Story of Soil. Their tasting rooms in Los Olivos do not require an appointment.

Thanks, I’ve heard of Liquid Farm, but never had their wine! Good call!

It’s interesting that the types of wines you say you like don’t necessarily match the types of wines you’ve mentioned you’ve purchased [wow.gif]

Good recommendations on both Liquid Farm and Story of Soil - they are both in downtown Los Olivos and literally about 300 yards apart! If you happen to go to LF, you can head out there door, go left and walk about 30 feet . . . and you’ll get to my tasting room. Would love to see you in there and I am pouring a few wines that would ‘fit your bill’ including my Carignane and my aberration.

A few others to consider - Solminer makes some interesting Austrian varieties, and they are in between LF and Story of Soil. And Holus Bolus just opened in Los Olivos as well - about 100 yards to the east of me - and I think that would meet your requirements as well.

As far as the Alban/Jonata style, there are a few folks making bigger and bolder wines like that - Tensley, which is next to LF, and Barbieri, which lies across the street from Story of Soil, might work. Also, Stolpman would probably work - and they are literally across the street from LF and catty corner to my place.

Note that there is a big Santa Barbara Wine Auction Saturday night, so many winemakers might not be available to meet on Saturday; and then Sunday is the Rhone Ranger Experience up in Paso Robles - 80 different domestic rhone producers pouring at the Fairgrounds, with a seminar, sit down lunch, and then grand tasting in the afternoon. I will be pouring at that one . . .

PM me if you’d like more info on our area, suggestions for places to eat, and if you’d like to set up an appt for earlier on Sat to taste.


Thanks, Larry, this is helpful! Unfortunately, I would be in the area Saturday evening/Sunday morning. Would have loved to drop by your tasting room, maybe next time!

As to the Alban/Jonata, I haven’t actually purchased any of them, just get to taste them from time to time as my MIL likes the style. I can appreciate well made wines, even if not exactly my style, but it’s not something I would buy for myself. Having said that, I did like the Jonata Todos with some age and actually find it pretty good value… Maybe it’s not all black and white :wink:

If you get to Paso Robles… Tin City is a complex with some really good wineries and tasting rooms.

Note that most wineries close their tasting rooms by 5pm in our area - there are a couple of late stragglers but most that I mentioned will be closed and won’t open until Sunday morning at 11 or so.

You could consider going to the Rhone Ranger tasting in Paso on Sunday - one stop shop to taste 80 producers! champagne.gif [snort.gif] [wow.gif]