Recent wines

2007 Delas, Côtes-du-Rhône Saint-Esprit:
A big, goofy sheepdog of a wine; very ripe, a bit sloppy and all over the lot. Pairing it is going to be a chore (unless bar-b-q sauce is involved) but slugging it back should be fine. Cocktails, anyone?

2007 Perrin, Côtes-du-Rhône Réserve:
Quite dry and salty without much flesh or pleasure. I’ll try it again tonight to see if time helps.
Day two: just as joyless and a touch sour; nothing here for me.

2005 Inman Family, Pinot Noir OGV:
Light, lacy, feminine wine with subtle pinot flavors, good complexity and a remarkably long finish. Superb today and no reason to wait. Perfect with Diane’s mushroom and chicken “ragout.”

2007 Ceretto, Arneis Blange:
With Giacosa’s arneis now at double saw-buck prices, this is a powerful yet intricate version that does not take a back seat to any other bottling of the variety. $12, and more than worth it.

1999 Juge, Cornas Cuvée SC:
Elegant, savory and just a touch aldehydic; complexity without over-bearing tannins and an emphasis on elements other than fruit (although the fruit is part of the mix). Aged Cornas in the Burgundy mold. If I didn’t trust the producer, I’d say this should be drunk soon – but I do, so I’ll hold the few bottles I have.

2008 Jadot, Beaujolais-Villages:
Over-extractive but not unpleasant; not much freshness nor carbonic appeal; sort of ho hum. Where’s the fruit?

2007 Duboeuf, Morgon Jean Descombes:
Tastes and smells like someone took pretty good generic gamay and tossed in a cup of cheap ladies perfume. There is little point to this wine and I will give the rest of the bottle away.

2008 Maipe, Malbec:
Reticent aromatics but a well balanced, slightly rustic malbec without flaw, contrivance or individual character. No objections but no second purchase.

Best, Jim

I’ve only had a couple of those. Love the Inman. Pass on the Ceretto Blange. Not a bad wine but doesn’t get my juices flowing.

The Blange is only slightly less expensive than Giacosa in these parts. I quit buying it years ago as the quality just was not there. Perhaps I need to check in on it.

What’s with the avatar?
In the biz, huh? The website doesn’t tell much - care to expand?
Best, Jim

I tried the 2005 Inman Family at a party once. It was exquisite. The others, Ive yet to try. Cheers!


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