Recent wine- Corra, Colgin, Mouton...

A wine friend of mine is getting married and a dinner was held at Panzanella in Sherman Oaks last week to celebrate. These are some of the wines I took notes on-

04’ Fevre Les Clos- Light yellow in color with a slightly muted nose. This is seemed a bit rich for Chablis because I tasted no limestone mineral character or citrus like acidity I find in good Chablis. Might be early stages of premox…

96’ Perrier Jouet flower bottle out of mag- This seemed a bit sweet for a Champagne. Toasted hazelnuts and baked apples and a subtle medium finish, good but not great Champagne.

04’ Corra Cabernet Sauvignon - Great big nose of a young CA cab, leather, tobacco and lots of pepper. Wine is big but balanced and this is really good stuff but a bit young needs 5+ years

04’ Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon- Mellower nose than the Corra but just as big and balanced in my mouth. This is great juice and also needs time.

89’ Mouton- Oh what a nose of a first growth with some age on it… This is your classic Bordeaux in color, elegance and finesse, oh so good… Wish I owned some…

05’ Mollydooker Carnival Of Love - As I looked at the bottle and saw the alcohol at 16.5% I went [emot-pwn.gif] , seriously! This was the biggest wine I’ve ever tasted… The alcohol masked all the big bulky fruit the in the glass in such an intrusive way. I don’t know why people make wine like this, wow!!!

Leah, may I just say FANTASTIC notes?

Short, sweet, fully descriptive, and showing an obvious knowledge of wine (i.e. the premox comment)…


Leah, nice notes. I’ve had the Corra and felt the same; will be a very good wine in 5 yrs. Same winemaker as Scarecrow and the 06’ Corra was every bit as good as the 06’
Scarecrow I had the same night at a wine dinner.

Colgin makes seamless wines and there is a reason why wines like hers and Harlans are not cheap!!

16.5% alcohol is simpy too high. Did you get a “burn sensation” on the back of your throat in the finish? Wines that high in alcohol generally don’t age very well and the alcohol will always show. It is a flaw/mistake IMO of the winemaking/winemaker. Some zins I am told can do better with a higher % of alcohol but they are the exception. I always look at the alcohol % and have found wine that age really well have 12.5% to maybe up to 14%. If you look at the great bordeaux’s of the past that age effortlessly, their alcohol % is low.

I am sure the Mouton was heaven!! Nothing like a great aged bordeaux or burg. [cheers.gif]

Leah, thanks for the notes. I have a Corra resting in the cellar - from the sounds of it I’ll hold off a little longer!

Thanks Todd!!

Great notes Leah!!! I dropped off the Corra mailing list after the innaugural vintage, found it too oaked. I guess I was too much in a rush and reacted too swiftly.

As Todd said Leah, wonderful and exacting notes. [cheers.gif]
Otto I passed on the 06 Corra due to the style of the vintage but did buy the 05 so you are covered.

Sorry Jack, but you will have to cover me with the 89 HB or at least 89 LMHB, your choice. We are spending the night at Barona Casino and brought a 04 Keever here, it is outstanding. On the other hand the nicest steak restaurant here had the crappiest wine list I’ve seen in a long time. They have bottles of Concannon PS for $42, that’s got to be a 700% mark-up!!! [wow.gif]


My friend, you know how to hurt a man. Two of my all time favorites that I foolishly slurpped like a damned skid row drunk.

No burn sensation but the alcohol engulfed my mouth instead of seamless big fruit…

I agree nothing like a well aged/stored Brdx or Burg- Heaven

They make it because some people (apparently a lot of people) like it and buy it. I am not one of those people, but as long as those people are out there, there is nothing wrong with a winery making wine for them.

Leah; Nice notes!!! [dance2.gif] May I ask which of the 2004 Colgin’s you tasted?

Marshall [cheers.gif]

Corra kicks ass…Mouton kicks ass…MD COL, well, tastes like ass.

Well, it’s true isn’t it?

It tastes like a southern rhone???

Doesn’t smell of ass.

Hmm…Agree with the Corra…disagree with the COL…well not with how you described it so much, but with the idea that there is no place for it. There are some days when an alcoholic fruit bomb is exactly what I want. COL is perfect for that, IMHO. Different strokes…

Berto, surely Everclear and Welch’s Grape Juice is substantially cheaper.

I like that too…but, in all seriousness, I love the texture of COL. The thing is not so much that I like the alcohol, I just dont mind it. Hard to reproduce that texture and fruit intensity with Everclear and Welsh’s though Ive tried :wink: We called it mata rata or rat killer in Puerto Rico.
If I was going to worry about cheaper, Id give up this damned hobby completely [berserker.gif]

Agree with the Corra, a very good wine. Have to admit, first time ever having this wine, thought it was light, sweet, and not very exciting (tried the 04 very shortly after release). The second time, a year + later, was far more impressed, a full bodied gorgeous wine. Interesting how it put on considerable weight . . .