Recent vintage wines that are no longer made. Modern unicorns

I had a Bedrock recently that was sourced from Stellwagon. I got me thinking about other wines that really aren’t that old, but no longer made for various reasons.
I can think of a bunch from California:

Bedrock’s Weill Exposition series.
Bedrock Lauterbach
Bedrock Papa’s All Blacks
Bedrock Stellwagon
Jaffurs Verna’s
Jaffurs Melville
Jaffurs Ampelos

Add to the list at your leisure.

Copain Halcon Vineyards. One of my favorite California syrahs.

Clos Roche Blanche

More in the unicorn category, the disappearing Franc de Pieds: Joguet’s vineyard succumbed to the louse, with 2007 as the last vintage. I think Baudry’s Franc de Pied vintage succumbed after the 2011 vintage. These were gorgeous Loire Cab Franc wines. The 2005 Joguet is one of the best Chinons that I’ve had, and I’m still kicking myself for not sitting on at least 1-2 for a longer period. Had my last one least year, along with a 2004.

Soon to be, Carlisle and Bedrock Monte Rosso’s. Carlisle Hayne.

one word: Jayer.

Jacques Puffeney. And, soon, Marcel Juge and Edmond Vatan. Tempus Fugit.

Alan - not sure Jayer meets the OP’s “modern” criterion, but what about Rene Engel! I see very high prices now, for what used to be quite reasonably priced wines.

How about Jacky Truchot?

Maison Ilan? :astonished:

I miss Sean Thakrey’s Taurus.

Domaine David Clark. Sigh.

Great call. Will be buying the last MSD 08 I can.

Yes also on Puffeney. Have bought reds and whites and hope to catch Vin Jaune as it leaks out.

Huh? No longer have access to the fruit?

Yes, life sucks. I wonder who will obtain Vatan’s plots? Either of the Cotat’s seem like natural choices.

soon to be…Ponsot

I have a few that repeats and other new ones.

Ancillary Desmond - one off
Arnot Roberts Vare
Bedrock Casa Santinamaria
Bedrock Weill
Bedrock Lauterbach
Bedrock Monte Rosso
Carlisle Carlo’s
Chesters Anvil Mead Ranch
Copain Halcon
Joseph Swan Stellwagen
Myriad Spring Mountain
Myriad Sugarloaf
Quivet Tench

How many vintages of Vare did Arnot-Roberts actually make?

Edmunds St. John Wylie-Fenaughty Syrah. Steve lost access to the Wylie fruit (some crazy story involving a rancher who joined EST, as I recall), so it’s just Fenaughty since 2011.

Speaking of which, Edmunds St. John Rocks & Gravel. Steve no longer has access to the fruit source.

2015 was the last vintage.