Real Prosecco or "Glera"? That is the question..." onclick=";return false;

Anyone else have an opinion on this (especially ITBers)?

Until everything is confirmed, I think it’s a bit too early to formulate an opinion.

It’s a done deal, no? The new DOCG was announced a while back.

Details are being confirmed, though.

“Details are being confirmed, though.”

Yes, money is changing hands…

his is a tricky situation. I’m not at all certain that there was a real problem that needed fixing. I guess if the “foreign” Prosecco was really ruining the image and market value of the “true” Prosecco, then something had to be done.

That said, I do basically agree with you, Roberto. I think it would have been far easier to (continue to) teach people about the importance of the 4-tiered hierarchy (i.e. VdT, IGT, DOC & DOCG), rather than upgrade IGT wines to DOC and introduce a new grape name altogether.

Maybe a “Prosecco Classico” designation would have been nice.

A “Prosecco Industriale” IGT would have been fine with me.

Hehehe…good one!