rdeangelo is a welcher

Let’s not forget the 7 days with no response.

Who gives a crap?

Does the credit officer in your head feel differently? Or are you speaking on behalf of him as well? [cheers.gif]

Credit officer fully agrees here

Item, price, pickup date all fully agreed. Saw no urgency beyond that to keep talking. Asking for help to put a grill in a van is a new term somehow? C’mon. Dude backed out of a fully agreed deal with no communication. Not even apologetic… Others can debate the legalities but it is bad bad form and not a way to deal with a fellow berserker.

You didn’t communicate with him for a week re payment, why not? The fact that you didn’t see that as important is telling. Sorry, but when I make a deal, payment method and timing is always part of the agreement, whether buyer or seller.

This was shaping up to be an even better “deal” than Premier Cru:

  1. zero upfront payment or deposit
  2. free storage
  3. free labor

Only thing missing was free delivery within a 500 mile radius…

Not worthy of a thread bashing the seller IMO.



Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

If you can arrange to have someone help her load the grill into the van, [then] I will send $2,000 …”

Last couple of comments here… First, lots of criticism about “not communicating for a week”–thought the deal was solid. Also, some notion that the deal was not solid because someone would have to spend less than five minutes helping my daughter put the grill in the van–pretty weak argument in my view. Finally, no comments about the gentlemen not communicating back to me that he needed a deposit immediately to hold the grill or that he still had it for sale on the basis that the deal was not solid.

This is not a legal forum and I’m not suing him. Purpose of CC feedback is to let other buyers/sellers know how folks handle themselves in a transaction. That’s why I posted the exact email dialogue, warts and all. Did buy wine from the gentleman in a fine transaction and I have had 100% perfect feedback over hundreds of transactions here, on the Squires board, and on the late but not particularly lamented Wine Commune, not to mention E-bay. I value my reputation in that regard. Obviously this gentleman did not value his to the same degree in that he backed out of a deal without notice or an apology. All I’m saying to the rest of the world is “buyer beware” when dealing with him–he welched on his deal with me.

Doesn’t make the gentleman a bad man–just says he screwed up pretty badly in this transaction. Seems pretty obvious to me and btw an apology would have gone a long way.

The seller offered you two ways to pay him. You took him up on neither of them. Instead, you disappeared for a week and made no effort to pay.

He clearly stated that you would have to provide your daughter with help. That was his condition.

When you reappeared after a week of failing to make any effort to pay, you wanted to change the conditions. You low balled him, disappeared for a week, made no effort to pay, AND when you reappeared, you wanted him to change his conditions. You promised to pay only if he accepted the change. You asked, “Let me know if this works.”

I think he was well within his rights to move forward and sell to another buyer who appeared with payment ready and able to load the item without help from seller.

It looks to me like you dithered and kept negotiating while failing to pay and lost to another buyer. In your half of the interchange, you come across to me more like a “tire kicker” than a serious buyer.

I’m sorry, but I see no merit to your complaint.

In fact, your complaint here just seems like further annoyance to the seller. I don’t see how your conditional offer and further dickering entitles you to anything.

In my opinion, good manners would dictate that you be a graceful loser and take accountability for your own part in losing the ability to purchase the item you wanted.

To me, good manners would entail congratulating the seller on making a sale, finding a buyer who was more ready and able than you to make the purchase.


Nothing to add except I had one transaction with Ray 2 years ago, which went great.

Count me in as a Ray supporter.
Have done a few transactions with him over the years from the left coast.
All were great.

Totally agree with the above who said sellers often tend to get multiple offers and deal with buyers who vanish.
It’s annoying so you go with solid buyers who transfer money quick and efficient.

met ray for lunch last week at one of those $1 slice places and he paid for my slice. the man gives and gives and gives.