Ravenswood Zinfandel 1976

On the edge, but still drinkable, and great with chicken Cacciatore. Was probably never great, and has not gained much complexity with age, so once the fruit begins to fade, it doesn’t amount to much. But there is still fruit, so chicken and wine worked together nicely.

Interesting Mark. I drank cases and cases and cases of Ravenswood (esp the Vintners blend) in my youth. Cheap, reliable, cheap. Did I mention that it was really cheap? Haven’t had one in ages, but glad to hear this one was clinging to life.

Yup…not surprised it was a bit shakey. You were tasting history here, Mark.
This was Joel’s first Zin release. Was it the Vogenson or the Polson vnyd?

No vineyard mentioned, so I thought it was his generic.

Brings back old memories of my love for their wines in the 80s and 90s. Haven’t had one in 20 years and few Zinfandels. Thanks for the post.

Don’t think so, Mark. Don’t think Joel had a generic Zin then. The two Zins had the same front label,
but the vnyd-designation was on a smaller back label.
Where did you aquire this wine? Might have lost the back label.

Bought for $15 from a friend. The vineyard is Vogensen

Vogensen, huh. Cool.

I was thinking it was a Dry Creek area vineyard…that makes sense.

DryCreekVnyd currently makes a Zin from Vogensen.
Since that first Ravenswood, don’t know where those Zin grapes went until DCV picked it up several yrs ago.

I also have a 1976 Polsen: what should I expect from that?