Ravenswood library offer

OK this one has me a little concerned. The wine is even more translucent than it looks in the picture. I only stood it up for a couple of days and there was a massive amount of sediment. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen petite Syrah, that look like this. It smells ok and I’m gonna double decant after 30 minutes. Will report back

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Went up to take a shower and came back to check the progress. Was hoping somehow there might be something left, but this one was completely oxidized. Can’t win them all. Time to grab something else

That’s weird given that PS tends to be rather bulletproof.

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You didn’t follow the Eagles last season did you?

That was exactly my thought. I was expecting a deep, dark color and it was anything but. I had an early 80s napa zin that look like that, and turned out to be one of the best in the bunch. This one did not.

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Perhaps a substandard cork.

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Oddly enough, their season ended in a similar fashion

That’s a good guess. For a 97. The cork was really soaked through and in much worse condition then I would’ve expected.

I’ve had one lesser bottle from the library releases, and it had a spongy cork. A duplicate bottle had a much better cork and was amazing.

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Not from the library offer, just a cool $25 on WineBid

  • 1994 Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County - USA, California, Sonoma County (4/27/2024)
    A steal from WineBid. Tattered label and depressed cork. Plenty of sediment so decanted off for 30min, back to bottle, then to a restaurant.

    Gorgeous mature nose of fallen leaves and dried earth. Hints of complex fruit in the back. The palate shows absolutely beautiful integration of fruit and earth. Tannins and soft and fully integrated and provide a supple structure. Finish is complex and tertiary with leather and aged mixed berry compote.

    Glorious for an appellation level 30yo wine. Really stole the show. (93 points)

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Indeed, it could very well have been from the library offer, then resold on the auction site.
Just picked up a couple of bottles of Gregory Cabernet, which I imagine also went this route.

1991 Merlot Sonoma-this is alive and well. Cherry, cigar box, spice, earthy tones, nice acidity. An overall pleasure on a Saturday afternoon.


The color on that looks amazing!

Saved half a glass for today and it’s still in a good spot. Wow!

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That was one of my favorites in my boxes

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