Ravenscroft Crystal New invisible Line

I’m new here and I hope I am not being inappropriate by posting this…Ravenscroft Crystal, the leader in hand made, lead-free crystal glassware and decanters has released a new line of glassware called Invisibles. The premise behind the line is to create the most transparent and lightweight glass as possible. General thoughts and comments are encouraged. I work for Ravenscroft Crystal and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. http://ravenscroftcrystal.com/collections/invisibles/index.html

Tom (see PM about changing your username), this would be the right place to put this. Veronica Castro and I have both seen the Invisible line in one stem, and it should be called ‘Weightless’. I’m not sure why it is called ‘Invisible’, when the most amazing feature is its light weight. Seems fragile - is it?

I think we saw the Riesling glass. It was beautiful and feather-light. Congrats!
I have essentially the same question as Todd: Would these glasses be any more fragile than say, a Riedel glass?

We thought the “invisible” name was fitting because we wanted to create a glass that was an avenue to the wine as opposed to a distraction. Because of the thinness of the glass it is a bit more fragile than your average glass, but I had someone drop the glass on their granite countertop and it did not break. As with every glass…handle with care. Thanks for the kind words Veronica! :slight_smile:

I have recently purchased 8 of the syrah glasses, and find it to be fairly durable, so far. A couple of light taps against granite and the faucet have been uneventful.

They are very lightweight, but I got used to that very quickly.

If that’s all you use, I can imagine so, but when switching back and forth to Riedels or Schott Zweisels, the difference is incredible.

I think these would be fantastic Champagne and dessert wine glasses, in particular

Agree to both points, but I haven’t been switching back yet, using these for anything that isn’t pinot noir… though it is noticeable when I use a Riedel or Spiegelau pinot glass. The Invisibles must be weakening further my almost non-existent guns. [training.gif]

LOL - weight training by stemware

Todd, we do sell a champagne glass in the Invisible line and Robert, I’m glad you enjoy the glasses…this is a very special line that I am excited about!!

I don’t drink Champagne out of a Champagne glass/flute - I use bigger bowls, as it’s better for good Champagne IMHO. I even forced Alan Weinberg, Jerry Hey, Bowden and Philip Robert to do the same for our mega dinner.

How do they compare with Zalto which is lightweight as well. How do they compare in price?

With the recent thread on Zalto (our favorite Champagne flute), I wanted to bump this, as Jen broke our one Chianti/Riesling Invisible stem some months ago, and I just bought a 4-pack of the same (Amazon - not a great deal, but free 2-day shipping helped), finally. It’s Jen’s favorite white wine stem because it is so elegant.

To wit that it broke, please understand that it was dropped from the counter onto the floor - I wouldn’t call these ‘fragile’, no more so than any other stems.

I don’t think I’ve see any of the other in the line - I just like this one.

Attractive glass, looks similar to a Riedel Zin/Chianti stem, probably makes a good all-around tasting glass.

As far as breakage, my view is that you’re going break some stems. I don’t worry about it other than the shards of very sharp crystal. Except for the very high end glasses, they really aren’t expensive if you amortize over the number of uses. Unless the stems are very fragile (some are) or the wine drinkers are exceptionally clumsy (again, some are).


After 3+ years, zero breakage or chips with the Invisibles, including frequent trips to the dishwasher, bumps against granite, etc.