Raveneau pricing, I know, I know

I blinked and Raveneau doubled again. When premier crus hit $200, I fell over. $300 happened soon after and now it’s $500 for Butteaux, Montee, and Forêt? Burgundy pricing is just insane. Just venting. Insane doesn’t describe it.


I was thinking the same. The craziest price is for Les Clos; defies reason.


$129 for MdT was my stopping point. I just don’t see it.


No limit to importer/distributor greed, I reckon.


It’s dynamic pricing. Free market capitalism at its best.

I’m always reminded of a story told by my college roommate about his honeymoon at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

His new wife was craving a Pina Colada by the pool as soon as they arrived. He obliged. The cost of the single cocktail was something like $36. He choked on the price but what could he do? He was captive and his bride needed that drink. He ordered two rounds.

He later said the cocktail had been priced just at the maximum discomfort price. Had it been $42 he would have refused on General Principles and compelled her to get a nice glass of rose.

Raveneau has now hit the $42 limit for me …


yes, we all understand capitalism but we are still allowed to marvel at it. I just wish producers got the lion’s share of the money.


Not that long ago a sommelier friend mentioned that the local importer sells them the Raveneau Chablis (village) for 30€ incl taxes :expressionless:

I’d be curious how your Somm friend priced the wine on the menu?


80€. Said he could have priced it even lower as they are located in the hipster part of the city and generally have quite fair margins but it just wouldn’t make any sense.

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You can add Ramonet to that list too. My favorite White Burgundy. Caillerets $500, Vergers $400+ Don’t even get me started on the GC’s.


Venting is healthy. Have a good cry, hug it out, move on.

But yea. I really like Raveneau but it’s so crazy I’m even thinking about selling my teeny stash of older bottles. Would be a first for me (selling wine I enjoy because the price had gotten so astronomical).


Crazy prices - it is the secondary market at work. These are huge huge price increases over the wholesale cost.

I get a small allocation every year and the price of MdT has only increased by 45% in the last 14 years. The price is still very reasonable (if you are lucky enough to have an allocation that is)

And yes the pricing on 2019 Les Clos is absolutely insane as well



the prices are crazy,
I used to get a small allocation but no longer - I never refused an allocation

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Pricing seems crazy, but I think it’s a bona fide blue chip wine if there ever was one, along the lines of Rousseau and Coche. (I remember scouring the market late for MdT 2010s at $200 after drinking something old that blew me away, maybe 1994, then some 2014s that were the same, then no more.)

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This is not true on several levels:

  1. I have actual knowledge that the U.S. importer’s wholesale prices for Raveneau are very fair and not at all indicative of market prices. (I don’t know how distributors who buy from the importer price their Raveneau.)
  2. There is no place for the word “greed” in a capitalistic economy relative to a luxury good.
  3. Generally, any retailer getting an allocation of Raveneau from the U.S. importer must be doing significant business with other producers in the importer’s book, i.e., Raveneau allocations are earned. There should be no expectation that such retailers are going to sell their allocation at anything other than market prices and it simply is not “greed” if they do so (see above).

The only rational response for most of us is to learn to love something else. For me as a Chablis lover, particularly in most of the past decade, it has been a challenge to find non-Raveneau, non-Dauvissat wines that are good enough to satisfy the same itch. But it is possible, and maybe the 2021 vintage will make it a bit easier.


One of the things that makes things like this is they have a very very long track record of ageability, so even if you find something else now that you like, will it be dramatically better in 20 or 30 years.


This is no different than crazy secondary market prices for DRC, Leroy, etc. You can still get release prices with a relationship.

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I had the same reaction yesterday as I updated the valuations of my PYCMs. Stuff I bought only 2 years ago is up between 3 and 10x! Absolute insanity.

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Raveneau has to be that expensive or else people who want their wine to be that expensive would have no Chablis to drink.