Rare cigars--Fuente, OpusX

I am selling a few boxes of very rare cigars:

Partial box (11 cigars) of Arturo Fuente Don Carlos 75 Anniversary (signed by Carlos Fuente) $380
complete box (15 cigars) of Arturo Fuente Don Carlos 76 Anniversary (signed by Carlos Fuente) $525
Complete box of Arturo Fuente Don Carlos ‘Chateau de la Fuente’ Fuente Aged Selection 1992. Comes with 2 OpusX (2007 dated) and 2 other rare fuente cigars. Also has a certificate of authenticity and a book “The Fuente Story” $400
The Don Carlos Anniversary cigars were only available as gifts from fuente and were never really sold much. You can google them to get more information. email me at jacobterrell@yahoo.com

I’m open to offers as well…

75th and 76th anniversary sold…just the opus box. Open to offers.