Raphet 2009 Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques CU

Have just been recovering from a heart procedure, and dammit, it’s a good time to break out some ready to drink burgundy. This has an absolutely open and delicious nose, showing some secondary character of beetroot, dark cherry, and a clean earthy funk. Very well resolved tannins, lovely balance as there is adequate acid, but definitely on the riper side…as you would expect in an '09. Medium body, softer black raspberry fruit on entry and medium finish. No trace of oak at all, this producer I believe uses mostly used barrels, maybe 15% new wood? Shapely and balanced overall, a lovely drink and good endorsement for 2009 1er Gevrey wines. Think there may be some upside, but absolutely delicious to drink now.

Anyone else cracking open their 2009’s? I may start working on them to enjoy them at present. Hell I’m not getting any younger champagne.gif

that puts life in perspective. Make the wine the occasion. Don’t wait.

Good perspective. I’ve enjoyed a lot of 09’s, and wish I’d bought more. Some are a bit tough at this point, but many are as you described - delicious. I’m 61 and my current theory is if something is drinking well, keep opening them.