Random Inquiry - looking for a few "frosted" gin bottles


I am looking to purchase a few empty/non labeled/non marked 750ml Gin Bottles that are “frosted”. I can find stuff that requires pallet type purchases but I am looking for 4-5 for just personal/home use.

Willing to pay for the bottles + shipping, etc. Not sure if anyone here does distilled spirits but figured it would not hurt to ask if someone has a few to sell, or a source where I can purchase a few and not a pallet.

Just to continue the conversation amongst myself :slight_smile:
I am open to any 750ml Bottle that are frosted and resealable (screw top, push cork, etc) as long as it is not tall/skinny like a Vodka bottle. Can be round or rectangular but something on the “squatty” side versus tall/slender if that makes sense.

Home brew/winemaking shops sell all types of bottles by single case, sometimes less. I’ve bought various types over the years for small home projects, though never any frosted glass.

Thanks good idea. looks like the closest home brew shop is a good 45 minutes away so I’ll make some calls.

Just a thought but how about taking a regular bottle and sand blasting it to achieve a frosted finish?

I didn’t know one could sandblast glass, so obviously I do not own a sandblaster but I could take a bottle to a local shop I suppose. Is it still “food grade” after sandblasting? I want to use these bottles to serve water and other stuff when guests come over.

Try these - https://www.midwestsupplies.com/products/750-ml-clear-frosted-glass-bordeaux-bottles

Or these - https://homebrewing.org/products/750-ml-bordeaux-frosted-bottles-12-case

Thanks for the idea but the Mrs really likes the “cool” look of a gin bottle versus a wine bottle. We want to use this when hosting parties to serve water and non alcoholic drinks and she likes the look of a gin bottle over a standard wine bottle.

THey make frosted glass spray.
I try quite a bit of gin and I can’t think of one that comes frosted?


Hmm for the price that may just work to give it a shot! And I drink gin too and don’t recall such a bottle - but we were recently in athens and at a restaurant they were using these types of bottles to serve water so my wife got the idea that we could do the same thing when hosting a party (minus the logo on the bottle)

** reading further on the Amazon page it says it should not come into contact with water (Even after drying) - may not be wise to use it as a water bottle! **

There are many different brands I just picked the first one that came up as an example.they make them for windows, I can’t imagine those would be water intolerant?

FWIW Gilbys gin use to come in square frosted bottles.