Ramonet Red Wines: Worth Pursuing?

So the white wines are obviously great and most people will agree to that. I’m not the biggest fan of famous white Burgundy producers’ reds, in general. Coche Bourgogne Rouge and The Roulot Auxey being examples that I find to be way overpriced for the quality.

Are the reds from JC Ramonet worth purchasing? I’m particularly interested in thoughts on the basic Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge and the Clos St Jean.

I think they’re fantastic, but I often prefer Cote de Beaune reds over the Cote de Nuits. Keep in mind Chassagne used to be red wine territory. The soils, particularly in Morgeot, are excellent for Pinot Noir.

They are terrific.

One more vote in huge favor of Ramonet reds. But do note, they are very light wines compared to your average red. I cannot think of any blind tasting setting where they would fare all that well- however their greatness rests in the fact they are brilliant with food. Easily some of the most food friendly wines in Burgundy.

On a cool afternoon or evening, with a hearty stew, duck, steak frites or pate- the wines are just a perfect accompaniment. They do age and improve nicely, but in most vintages are quite enjoyable from release onward. I do not think I have ever had one in a dumb phase.

The straight Chassagne is worth going after, but Clos St. Jean is a clear step up and also my favorite of them all.

Piling on. They’re very good and often excellent QPRs. I particularly love the Clos de la Boudriotte Rouge.

I love Ramonet’s reds.

Excellent wines.

They are excellent wines, very well balanced and certainly not overdone reg. extraction, I prefer Clos St.Jean over the Boudriotte, then Morgeot, cannot remember having the straight Chassagne rouge …
As long as they are priced ok I would not hesitate to buy … if too expensive due to the name there are many others …

BTW: Clos St.Jean rouge ages very well, I had a 1957 (not Ramonet) a good 5-6 years ago and it was outstanding …

^ +1
Prices are ridiculously low at the domaine for the quality but if prices are high due to name then I would look at another appelation altogether. I like Chassagne rouge but it’s really not in the same realm than most Côtes de Nuits. For 50-60€ at the wine shop, I would go for something else.
Also, though the wines are still nice when young, you need to wait 10+ years to really get the best of them. In case cellar space is a factor.