Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

Brew: Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

Brewed by: Rahr & Sons Brewing Company; Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

Style: American Amber Lager / American Red Ale

Glassware: Best served in a pint or mug.

Personal Notes: A lovely dark maroon brew that sports a fairly hearty head, which dissipates a bit too quickly for my preference. Lively scents and flavors of caramel, malt, toast, and toffee; and a slight reminiscent hint of warm flaky biscuits (yeah… Hungry Jack style). Not too hoppy … not too sweet. Good carbonation makes for a light, refreshing mouth-feel.

It’s an “ok” beer (not bad but not overly exciting) but it could be amped up some to represent Texas much better!! (How? I’m not sure… will have to put more thought into that one!) Most interesting about this beer, for me, was not in the taste but rather in the labeling! It has an interesting ‘story’ which can be read on the label or on their website (click here for that ‘story’).