Rack or other storage for 375mm bottles

I have a cellar with about an 1200 bottle capacity. I have some 375s (vintage port) stored in standard racks with 1/8" plywood slats every 5 rows or so, as the racks are too wide. I have a few hundred bottles in stacked boxes or off site storage, which I would like to rack.

I have one open wall in the cellar. Only about 6’ wide.

Does anyone know how many 375’s fit in a Weinbox?

Other than that, any recommendations for maximum split storage in an area say 6’ wide by 7’ tall and maybe 12-18" deep?

technically, splits are 187 ml, also called a piccolo. I think you mean half bottles. I had a small section of racks made to fit half bottles in my cellar.

Thanks, yes, I have 375s, so I guess halfs. I edited the original post. I thought when I was looking at some racking company sites they listed those as splits, but might have been my confusion. Mostly vintage port and Sauternes.

Those instacrate things from costco fit them very well.