Quoting on Reply

Took me a while to figure out how to “quote a reply”…You hit that circle on left…

On the old system every reply automatically quoted…This new system the user has to click that circle. I noticed most people don’t do that. Confusing…I know you can hit the original post drop down when reading.

Can you change the system where automatic quoting comes up every time??

thanks, that’s helpful.

There’s more than one way to quote on reply, and the easier one for me, at least on laptop/desktop, is to just highlight the text you want to quote and then click the “quote” button that appears. That’s what I did this time.

I assume the software doesn’t auto-quote on reply because the “threaded” view that is available is supposed to make that redundant.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a setting in preferences somewhere where you can turn on auto-quote-on-reply, so you may want to poke around there.

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That is neat trick…see here no white bubble…

Wish white bubble every time…

Also keep in mind - whenever anyone replies to a specific post as opposed to the thread in general, when you read the reply, you can click on the reply arrow in the upper right to reveal the original post being replied to.


In your settings, there is an option to enable “highlight to quote.”

I have no idea why it’s disabled by default. But I have found it to be quite useful. It’s likely the best feature of Berserker Hal 9000.

hmmm. I’m 99% certain I didn’t have to turn it on in my account.

any chance you turned it off before you knew what it was ?

(and yes it’s one of the best features - especially combined with being able to start a reply, then meander around the site looking at other pages if you need to gather information, while continuing on the same post that will end up back in the thread you were in)

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agree, it’s not ‘off’ by default - Guillermo must have accidentally turned it off - it’s one of the best features

The old system only quoted if you replied through the “ icon, otherwise no. Here you can do either, plus more easily highlight and quote just a portion of the post. And you also get the connection back to the post you’re replying to, if you choose that reply option.

Overall, I think it’s a big improvement. Too many quotes of LONG posts in the old forum, that just made scrolling through threads painful

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That’s set on by default for discourse.

This is really a UX design plan. Like @Alan_Rath said - we don’t want pages of long quotes. You can highlight text with your finger or mouse (phone/computer) and pinpoint the exact thing you want to quote before you even open a reply box.

Then you add in threaded messaging to make it easy to see replies

It takes a little getting used to that’s for sure. But it allows conversation to flow easier I feel

Plus it’s much easier than editing a markup/markdown box when I’m on my iPad :+1:


Ever since I changed my theme to WB Default I can no longer highlight text to quote it even though I have
Enable quote reply for highlighted text
checked off.


What shows when you highlight text? Can you post a screenshot?