Quoi? Rivers Marie shipping today...

I’ll chalk this one up as my fault as it seems I’ve gotten a little complacent about winemakers deciding good times to ship (weather-wise) all on their own. Lo and behold the RM email that showed up in my inbox an hour ago. headbang

Dang it, TRB! You lived in Cville for awhile. You know it’s not warming up here until mid-March at the earliest. [As if TRB has anything to do with shipping!]

Thanks for letting me vent!


I’m sure everything will be fine - it’s got to get mighty freaking cold before anything could happen. If something happens, email Nat - TRB’s new asst. - super nice guy and all over all things Rivers Marie.

Or move to the Valley… I picked mine up last week! neener

Picking mine up on the 5th at their new office in St Helena.

Maybe Juan will be around as well and I can sneak a taste or two of some Realm! [thumbs-up.gif]

Got the email today as well. Not worried. In styro shippers low 30s won’t do much to wine.

I picked up mine too, Nat is great help!


It still surprises me anytime I see you drinking anything made w/in 100 miles of Napa. pepsi

That’s what she said.

There is some great Sonoma Coast Pinot out there and TRB’s work ranks up there for my palate. The Cabs…I leave them for you. [bow.gif]

They did warn that they’d start shipping on Feb 22nd, but I haven’t heard anything.
Has anyone tried the '07 chard recently? I’m tempted to try my second bottle.

I’m trying to hold off on my last one. I’d like to do a 3 year comparison sometime next year with 07-08-09 Rivers Marie Theriot & 07-08-09 Littorai Theriot.

Cris I just drank an 07 Summa that was a mighty fine Pinot. flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

Nice Jack. I’m trying to keep my mitts of my Summa’s as I think they need a few years for best drinking. I’d gladly drink yours with you anytime. flirtysmile

I’m guessing you need to wait on the old vine but the Summa was ready willing and able.


You must. Certified RM baby killer.

As Dustoff can attest to, the 06 I popped on New Years needed at least a couple hours in the decanter before it showed much at all. But it opened very nicely.


Sounds like a great match up, luckily I snagged an extra chard somewhere along the line so I feel I can live it up.
Also I did get the GSO tracking info. Bottles will land tomorrow and be consumed by the end of the week.

Had the 07 chard a few weeks back and it was drinking nicely. I do think it could use a bit more time together but if you have a few, dont be afraid to pop one. If I were to guess on an ideal drinking time I would say start in 2012

Tyler, Thanks, I might just wait.

I got a shipping notice today for Fed Ex from WCS of Wine Country Shipping for 2 boxes today. I am assuming these are R-M. Was racing my brain trying to figure out which wines these were. Kept my hands off o the '07’s thus far, with the exception of one of the Sonoma Coasts. Shouldn’t be a problem, just hve to bury them with the other '07’s! -mJ