I get that Mike Smith is looked upon highly in the wine community but what can you tell me about his individual cabs? What is the style? How’s the QPR? Any big differences between the bottlings? How do they age? Any mainstream wines that they are comparable to? I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy. Thanks in advance for any inputs.

Mike’s philosophy is that people buy flavor so his wines are big on the flavor profile. He extracts great color and his wines are layered and deep. New French Oak packs a punch so these are spicy as well. Alc levels are mid to high 14’s for the most part but his wines are very well balanced which is one of the things that sets him apart from many others. His ability to acheive balanced wine at the ripeness levels he vinifies at is an art. His wines are generally approachable young but have so much stuffing you’ll feel you opened them too soon.

His appellation blends are great QPRs and his SVDs very expressive of site. Kenefick Ranch (Calistoga) rich and meaty, Pellet (St Helena) more austere insomuch as Mike’s wines can be and the Las Piedras (St Helena) gravelly layered goodness.

Disclaimer: Mike is a good friend of mine and I have worked for him in the winery and tasting room in the past.

Brian has described them very well and certainly knows Mike’s wines, and his winemaking, better than I do. I would only add that, personally, I get more blue fruit notes from the Kenefick, and more dark red fruit and iron notes from the Pellet. Las Piedras is definitely gravelly, in a really intriguing way.

All of the wines are big but not overdone. I prefer them with at least 5 years of aging, but I’d never turn a younger one down. They do drink well at pretty much any age. The oldest I’ve had were 9 years old, and they showed no signs of tiring. I can’t seem to keep any around longer than that. :slight_smile:

Well described above. I am also a Mike Smith fan. I prefer the Myriad to the Quivet, but I purchase from both offerings.

What Brian says.

Same but I tend to prefer Syrah from Quivet and Cab from Myriad. That said, my favorite Quivet Cab is the Pellet, so yummy.

Agree on the Quivet Pellet! Tasty indeed!

What about the Quivet Syrahs ? how do they differ from the spring release ?