Quickie Notes On Wines at Racines NYC

A fun, very casual gathering at Racines where most of the 8 attendees had the tasty soft-shell crab appetizer, in addition to the excellent wine service, during a corkage-free byo Monday night dinner. Thanks to Michael and Ross for the organizational efforts.

The variety of wines were some of the most eclectic, and most fun, that I’ve had in recent times as it was declared a bring-anything-good kind of event. Plus, almost all of them showed well to very well during the dinner.

My notes are abbreviated, and are based on very few words that I was able to type into my iPhone complemented with the photos of the labels/bottles that I tasted. I apologize in advance if I missed out on any more bottles that were opened during the dinner.

2007 Vatan Sancerre ‘Clos La Neore’, Loire Valley
Lush, but harmoniously balanced. Medium in both body and richness. Sancerre is not my thing, but this one is. B+

1995 Prager Riesling Smaragd Trocken Weissenkirchner Klaus
Very expressive appealing bouquet. May be at peak or just a tad beyond. Purity. Mineral. B+

1970 Cotat Chavignol Sancerre, Loire Valley
Very powerful nose with some paint varnish. Astringent. Just too much like drinking liquefied toothpaste. Not my cuppa tea. C

2005 Bernard Baudry Chinon Blanc ‘La Croix Boissee’, Loire Valley
Ripe and lush. But still high in acidity. Very long finish. Faryan says this can easily get better with many more cellar years. I already like it now. B+/A-

2004 Dauvissat Chablis Grand Cru ‘Les Preuses’, Burgundy
Serious in structure and approach. Slight under-ripe note which added to the allure (f-m-t). Delightful core of fruit with plenty of acidity. Good length. B+

2012 (?) Clos Cibonne Côtes de Provence Cuvée Speciale Tibouren
I’ve been to some, but relatively very few wine dinners, when compared to most others. I’ve seriously never thought anybody would bring a rosé, ever, in a wine dinner. Well, Sharon actually did and this one rocked my ignorant rosé world. Mineral, with savory qualities and fine layers of whitish-reddish fruit. I’m a fan. A-

1995 Drouhin ‘Clos des Mouches’ Rouge, Burgundy
Gratifying with its simplicity. I’ve followed this wine over the last several years and this cements my notion that it’s as good as it’s going to get. There’s earthiness, lean red-fruit, spices, in this nice-and-easy Beaune. B

2013 Duchene/Camarans ‘Maximus de la Pascole’, Aveyron/Banyuls
In 1.5L. This rare bottling, as explained by David, is a combined effort by 2 winemakers (Duchene and Camarans) who blended in same exact quantities of Fer Sarvadou and Grenache, from their respective vineyards. One of the blend is carbonic (just not sure which one). Rustic with blue fruit. Clean and light-bodied. A positive expression of good Southern French reds. B+

1975 CVNE Imperial Gran Reserva, Rioja Alta
In a very good drinking shape. Sweet with fresh confection. Rounded and smooth. Not as old school in style (imo), but a great experience, nonetheless. A-

2013 Domaine Marc Roy Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Cuvee Alexandrine’, Burgundy
Struck me as a ripe-fruited Gevrey. Tannin and earth. Brooding, but showed plenty of promises. High-lighted my note to look up offerings from this Domaine. B

2000 Bernard Baudry Chinon Rouge ‘Le Croix Boissee’, Loire Valley
Always a treat for me when there’s an aged Baudry on the table. Still tannic, but ripeness was evident. Doesn’t have the rusticity of any Grezeaux that I’ve had, but the fine balance with layers of pure cabernet franc fruit is evident. Polished texture. I’d suggest decanting in advance if anybody plans to drink now, but I suspect much better results with more cellar years. A-

1999 Domaine de Vallouit Hermitage ‘ Les Greffieres’, Northern Rhone
Quite young and tannic, but shows slight level of heat. Also shows wild, traditional style. Roasted herbs. B

2002 Domaine Peyre Rose Coteaux-du-Languedoc ‘Clos des Cistes’
A fine showing. Expressive nose with Southern French garrique. Fresh herbs, spice and earth. Lean but nice complementary fruit from start to finish. B+

1989 Domaine Huet Vouvray ‘Cuvee Constance’, Loire Valley
A most appealing smell of confection, ripe fruit, some wood and agriculture. Almost the color of a thin Pinot Noir, with cornucopia of honey, peach/apricot notes, tea and cinnamon elements makes this a memorable sweet wine experience. Can still happily taste as I type this TN. A-

1989 Foreau Domaine du Clos Naudin Vouvray Moelleux Reserve, Loire Valley
Less fresh on the nose than the Constance, but showed more wood and honeyed notes. Moderate sweetness with a fine balance of crème brulee, ripe pineapple and mineral. Good length. B+

2004 Domaine de Belliviere Jasnieres ‘Elixir de Tuf’, Loire Valley
Slight to moderate in sweetness. Refreshing nose with fruit, flowers and wood. Medium-bodied on the palate with various fruit notes from peach to ripe pineapple. Mineral. An excellent sipper. B+

2014 Dreissigacker Riesling Trocken
Steely with delineated white fruit and mineral. Dry with high level of acidity. Could use some cellar time and would expect better rating. B

(Vintage?) Domaine Ganevat Vin de Paille ‘Sous La Roche’, Jura.
Dark amber in color and, from memory, a medium-bodied wine that offers plenty of Ganevasque earthiness and distinct Jura traits. B+

Awesome notes Ramon. I would add that Mike also brought the 2000 Ganevat Vin de Paille, which was superb.

I was rather smitten with both Baudry and the desert flight.

17 wines for 8 people! I am waiting now for the folks with their moral outrage to complain about such excessive consumption.

Interesting and eclectic mix, sounds like fun. Cheers!

Thanks Faryan! I have a photo of that and I know I liked it, but don’t have notes to write about. I’ll edit-add to my OP.

That’s a great resto! We were very impressed. FWIW we drank:

** Michel Tête Domaine du Clos du Fief Juliénas 2010 Cuvée Prestige 13%. Ca $60 @ Racines, 2/28/15
Light but velvety. No cranberry crunch. More like a Burg than a Bojo. Lovely wine, get more of it!

Thanks for the comment, Brodie. It was fun.

I don’t know what the morality repercussions would be. OK, guilty, if the verdict is we enjoyed drinking some really good wines with good company.