Quick TN's - An evening at Joe Wu's - SQN, LaLa's, Saxum, Donnhoff, Shafer,....

I call foul since he didn’t invite me to tag along to that awesome event. [wink.gif]

That’s funny. When was the last offline at the Wetrock residence? SNAP!

Hey Phil, why weren’t you there?

Nobody’s been there! It’s tough to do in a van down by…


Sorry Phil, but I was a guest of someone else in attendence. But we do need to get together soon. When do you leave for up north?

i thought he just slept in his wine locker in between offlines

I wonder if he actually has a house or just goes from offline to offline and showers at the local YMCA neener

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Take a screen cap, Charlie finally made a funny joke. neener

Hmmm, a tasting note thread mostly with jokes and insults. Who knew? [g]

The 1996 Kathryn Kennedy Syrah was the Maridon. Joe described it as a CA Syrah by an old school producer…

As for the main attraction–the new SQN’s–I thought the Grenache was more open, although more obviously oaky. The Syrah seemed rather tight and not showing much.

A lot of fun, and many thanks to Joe for his generosity and to Ryan for grilling.


That was interesting. I enjoyed the wine and had never had it before.

I can’t believe the number of LaLa’s that were drunk. I don’t remember seeing all of these out on the table outside… [whistle.gif]

Great night. Lots of terrific food and a nice wide range of wine. The Dehlinger was certainly a standout. Thanks to Joe and everybody else for sharing their wine.

For Cris



Any thoughts on the Ferrando Carema white label?
No surprise it got compeltely overshadowed by the big boys, but always enjoy reading peoples’ reactions - I love that wine…

That bottle was empty when I arrived like the 37 Burg. No experience with any of those myself.

He showers? [scratch.gif]

Yes they do. And, IMO, they need a little age to strut. I almost pulled a cork on an 06 Estate earlier this week, but restrained myself.

Nice notes Cris.