Question for Quintarelli fans

Anyone familiar with this wine:

Some things are obvious - it’s from 1977, it’s a Recioto.

But i can’t find any reference to a “Riserva Le Marogne” bottling from Quintarelli. From what I can gather Marogne refers to the stone walled terraces that support the hillside vineyards.

I suspect in that period it probably isn’t unusual to come across one-off and limited lot bottlings. Juts curious if anyone knows anything…

Big fan of and, no never come across this but when I was in their basement tasting wines over a year ago I remember seeing some “unique” bottles. Seems like a bit of a flyer to take but it’s GQ so I’d bet it’s probably still good…

I can’t help much on this one but can only confirm that there were some unusual cuvees made back then that we don’t see now. I still have some bottles of a 1978 Recioto Riserva made from Nebbiolo

Only went for $305? Wtf?

Took a flyer on it. Fill looks great, no signs of any condition issues. It is winebid, but not really a choice of vendors for a one off like this (I did find one other bottle in the U.K.).