Question about selling KB for well below cost

So I have this friend, I’ll call him “Dan” (my son Will calls him “Dan the thrill” because he calls my son “Will the Thrill”). Anyways, “Dan” is going to be moving to a different house soon (meaning the vineyard at his present home will finally be under good stewardship again). Like any friend, I’m going to offer to help “Dan” with the move.

“Dan” happens to have a lot of KB in his cellar.

My thought is, given my knowledge and experience with wine (just moved my cellar), I will offer to help “Dan” with that part of the move. During the move, I anticipate a few cases of “Dan’s” KB collection will “fall off the truck” or somehow not survive the perilous journey.

I plan to offer those wines for sale at a strong discount to move them out. Question- how deep a discount should I put on these?

Thanks in advance.

PS- If you see him, don’t mention this to “Dan”

It kinda depends who you are selling them to.


I have a friend also…let’s call him “Mr. Kosta”. I am sure that his advice in this situation would be a nice round number such as 25%.

I have seen deals go down for recent current releases for 20-25% off list price. People wanting to keep their place on the list but not wanting the wine at this time.

Tex’s number is probably close to market. Have a friend offering KB, at list, and he’s been sitting on it awhile.

Of course, a ‘Berserker Exclusive’ price would be much lower

At 30-35% off, your friend “Seo” will help you move it…


yeah- maybe 40% should be right. I wonder if “Dan” is a member here?

Gordon, I think you’re missing something here.

then again, knowing how passionate “Dan” is about KB wines in general, maybe I should try to sell them back to him?

I know a guy we can call “Michael” that might be interested in some inventory.

A part time neighbor of yours in H’burg (me) will be looking out for the moving van and ready to take some of the bottles that fall off the truck. Wouldn’t want them to break on the pavement.

If you can’t find any buyers and need to dump the wine cheap, we could always use some topping wine for barrels we’re going to eventually bulk out. neener

That sounds like something Omar did to Proposition Joe in Season 4 of “The Wire”.


Word 'round the campfire is there is a company in Napa… Buckmark??? Something like that… Anyway, I’ve heard that they are always interested in purchasing KB. And they pay cash! Find out if ‘Dan’ is interested, I can put him in touch with someone there… [tease.gif]


Tell Dan I’ll buy at Buckmark + $2 per bottle hahaha neener

If there are prior vintages maybe offer them at release price before price increases of subsequent vintages. That might be “fair” to KB and potential buyers and your friend.

Like any good drug dealer, eh I mean business man you can sell some of the more desirable wines at a big mark up and once you reach equilibrium with your out of pocket cost, then split those remaining wines with me for giving you that advice.

Is this ‘move’ going down this weekend?

If so, I just happened to be in the neighborhood and have absolutely nothing better to do but catch KB cases ‘falling’ off of trucks.

As an aside, I was in the lobby of the Sonoma Mission Inn this afternoon and cougars were ‘falling’ off of couches as the ‘free’ Sojourn was being poured at a neighboring table. I’m quite sure they weren’t falling in my wake, but apparently ‘free’ wine goes a long way around these parts. Point being - be careful in the wild boys…you could be the next victim of this vicious species!

Fun post. I am sure I would help clean up the mess from the mishap, and 30-40% sounds just right. “Dan” must be a really good friend, but you have many friends here to help clean up after him!