Quaternary Ammonium

Does anyone use this in their cellar, particularly on your floors?

I know of a few wineries that used Flo-Quat. They only used it for their tanks though. I think the only thing I’ve ever seen used for floors as been Sodium Percarbonate.

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The most clever use I’ve seen is inside a plastic tub floating a plastic rough floor mat. The user steps into the tub and rubs their soles on the floor mat before stepping into the stainless steel tank for cleaning.

As an aside- best practices for sanitizing equipment is to start with the floor so that nothing splashes up and contaminates the equipment while you’re sanitizing! Who knew?

I use outside and on floors - I’m an ex-restaurant guy so quat flows in my veins at this point, but haven’t found any advantage for tanks and things like that as it needs to surface dry (we don’t have clean water) and has a terrible taste.