Puzzling Prunotto

2009 Barolo – Light red color. Pleasant aromas feature mostly red cherries, there are light floral notes (not particularly of roses). This is light in body and high in acidity. There is good tart red fruit, mostly cherry with some strawberry and oddly red currant beneath. The finish is short and raspy.
OK, I don’t expect deep color or low acidity, but this is disturbingly light in color and body, and very acidic. This is an adequate glass with roast chicken, but not at all what I expect from this producer and vintage.
Rated about 84. Tasted over two nights, consistent notes. I own two more bottles, will wait five years and hope for better.

Dan Kravitz

No puzzlement to me: Prunotto does nothing for me.

True but very old prunotto is quite good.

That sounds odd and perhaps a bit closed. I’ve found Prunotto’s base bottling to be a reliable performer over time. Solid, traditional, with good fruit in a small scaled, fairly elegant and varietally correct package. 2009 is no great shakes, so that is probably part of the problem here.

I wonder if they harvested really early due to the heat of the vintage. Were the tannins particularly astringent? This doesn’t sound like most '09s that I’ve had.

Like Gregory, I’ve always found this reliable. The tannins were not particularly astringent, but there was a green note. On reflection, it tastes like the sugars got there before the phenolics and the wine was picked before real maturity.

Dan Kravitz

If you like Barolo, as everyone should! Steer clear of all post-1989 Prunotto. The gentleman who ran the winery after Alfredo sold out to Antinori. The wines have no character, or soul anymore. I would, however, highly recommend the older Prunotto’s! Especially the 60’s and 70’s – usually at great prices.

Prunotto was sold to Antinori, so it is one of the few non indipendent producers of Barolo. Lot of average barolos and barbarescos, but 2012 vintage for barbarescos has been a comeback (even for most wine crtitics); let’s hope that this will continue

I’ve been reasonably lucky with Prunotto, I agree not earth-shattering, but overall better than (e.g.) Fontanafredda or Marchesi di Barolo over recent years. Prunotto’s 1998 & 1999 Costamiole Barbera wines were very good indeed though.

I have had pleasant enjoyable experiences with the 1998 and 1999 Barolo Bussia. Certainly not top drawer but good developed Nebbiolo character and nice middle weight. I do not buy any more (last purchase was 2001). I have also enjoyed the Barbaresco BriC Turot as well. Each to his own I guess.