Putting out feelers: NY Screening of SOUR GRAPES (prior to Netflix release)

We may have secured a date and venue for an advance screening of Sour Grapes, and I’m putting out feelers to see if we should arrange it or not.

Jorge has secured a good venue - The Picture House in Westchester - which is able to host the event on November 17th, prior to the Netflix release, and perhaps we can create an Offline for it, so I’m opening it up to potential participants. The movie house is very close to the train station, I understand, so it should be easy to get to. The owners have allowed BYO so it should be ‘extra’ fun!

Two possibilities:

  1. Small 14-seat screen, $350 rental, so $25/person if we only have 14 or so interested (consider it a corkage fee [snort.gif] )

  2. With more interest, the larger screen is $250/hr with 3 hour minimum, so if we interest from more than 30 WBers, the cost per head is less than the small screen.

Please put your (serious only, not ‘unlikely/maybe’ as I’ll need to book the venue and pay for it either way once booked :slight_smile:

Thanks Todd.

Just to be clear, this is The Pelham Picture House (http://www.thepicturehouse.org/). Pelham is a 25-30 minute Metro North ride from Grand Central. And as Todd mentioned, any BYO will be strictly “unenforced”.

What say you New Yorkers?

Sounds like it could be fun. Can we brown bag some food to go with the BYO?

Jay, depends on the room we end up renting. The smaller side room (14 or so plush seats) would be more conducive to that. But if we don’t get even that much in interest, it’s a moot point. Try to rally the people first and then we’ll discuss the minutae.


so we have what, 2?

[rofl.gif] 3.

Sure, put me in too.

You can count me as two.

But are you bringing anyone?

Unfortunately 6 isn’t enough for me to book the venue - you’d think with about 500 WB members in the region we’d have 14-20 interested.

I’ll call it off - we can all discuss it when it launches on Netflix!


There’s a screening of this in DC at which Maureen Downey will appear. Perhaps you will get a bigger turnout if you can convince her to show up at yours?

I’m in and can probably bring a few guys