PUNCH: Iruai Wnry/Mt.Shasta

A very interesting article in PUNCH by RebeccaGrant:
PUNCH: IruaiWnry
on IruaiWnry way North in Calif near MtShasta.
ChadHinds started MethodeSauvage wnry down in Berkeley using purchased grapes. But he was inspired by wines from FrenchAlps/Savoie/Jura to move up to the MtShasta area to relocate hi wnry and plant grapes. He’s got Trousseau in the ground & eventually hopes to plant Gringet.
Chad is a natural winemaker, but the few I’ve tried, though a bit underwhelming, have been interesting, perfectly clean, and no signs of natty character whatsoever.
This is an exciting project and eagerly look forward to trying more of his wines.