My first pulled pork and it turned out beautifully. I know Pulled Pork from the oven is blasphemous and the little size of my pork, too.
Anyway it tasted great.



And the wine recommendation? Or maybe beer?

A good beer would have been great. BUT I had some leftover of 2017 Seehof “Morstein” AR which was a fine partner.

Sometimes one has to “make do” with what is on hand . . . in cooking AND in drinking. Cheers!

What I have done in the past was on day one apply rub and then get 1-2 hours of smoke on the shoulder at low heat. Remove from smoker and refrigerate overnight. In the morning put into slow cooker on low for the longest duration setting you have. Put a small amount of liquid in bottom of the slow cooker to get it started. I usually use cider vinegar but it doesn’t really matter. You don’t need much as the pork will render a lot of fat once it gets to temp. So the liquid is primarily to avoid any browning/sticking on the bottom. Very moist and tender and ready when return home from work.