PSA: Raft inventory clearance sale, ends February 21 @ midnight

Some pretty sharp discounts for a bunch of Raft reds. Per the email, this is clearing out some inventory, and prices are good until midnight today (Tuesday, February 21).

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Attractive pricing–looks to be generally low alc too. Do you have experience with these wines?

Personally, I do not, at least as far as I can recall. However, CT reviews overall quite positive, I recall hearing some good stuff here, and the prices are right for sure.

I’m in for a sample case.

Oh nice, Raft is a solid small producer. I carry their Cole Ranch Merlot at my store, and it’s really delightful for the price. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted, but I want to say the Sangio was wonderful as well. Honestly made wines. I want to say you could almost put them in the Natural camp, but definitely not the mousy/funky style. More like, “let’s make wines from excellently farmed vineyards without messing with them too much in the cellar” style of natural. Clean, and true to what they should be. I think, and do not quote me here, that they’re a part of that Pax/Lady of the Sunshine/Scar of the Sea/Stoumen/Amevive/Ryme kind of school/style of winemaking.

Sorry I’m a little late with this. I have a few more notes I’ve written on Raft wines but these are from a visit with Jennifer in January 2020. I’ve been impressed with her wines whenever I’ve tried them.

Visit to Raft Wines, January 2020