Dear Friends,

We did mention it in this week’s newsletter but we are so excited about this evening’s free tasting at the shop that we wanted to make sure everyone is aware.

Mathis Colin is the son of Pierre-Yves Colin and Caroline Morey of the famed PYCM. He has been doing an internship with us at Flatiron, learning the retail side of the business.

Today is his last day at the shop**, and Mathis will be pouring a few of his favorite Burgundies from our selection in a free tasting this evening between 5 pm and 7 pm.**

It’s a great opportunity to taste some Burgundy, and meet and chat with a member of one of White Burgundy’s most esteemed families.

There is no need to RSVP; just come to the shop at 873 Broadway and head to the back. Hope you can join!

Your Friends at Flatiron Wines


awesome. great day for it too!

Wish I lived closer than 6 hours away, amazing opportunity!

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What a great opportunity, sorry that I live on the wrong coast.

I hope he pours some of his namesake wine, the Saint-Aubin en Remilly cuvée Nicolas Et Mathis. It’s an annual buy for me, and prior to the recent price escalation of recent vintages it was a huge bargain.


Damn, sounds fun. Sorry to miss it.

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Sounds good, hope to make and thx for the heads up.

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This was a great tasting- the back vintage St. Aubin 1er in particular (2013?) was ridiculously good.

Thanks for doing it.

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I love 2013 st aubin; one of the best wines I had in 2021 was 13 pycm ebaupins from plastic cups on a sailboat in puget sound haha

Yep, it was a ‘13.

To be clear, I live in the Puget Sound area and would be happy to bring plastic cups if you’re pouring PYCM in them.

In fact, I’d be willing to bring an array of stemware, ranging from red Solo cups to plastic cups to glass to crystal.

#callme :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the 13 the Saint-Aubin en Remilly Nicolas Et Mathis? If so, I agree that wine is killer. I opened one 17 days ago and was blown away.

edit… 1/23/2023 rated 94 points: PNP. Medium yellow. Rocking nose of struck match, flinty minerals and lemon. Deep palate, creamy and juicy with a ton of balancing acidity, structure and chalky minerals. Wow wine, from nose to palate to the lengthy finish.

Update on day 2, set aside a pour, stored in the fridge. Still beautiful, the nose is more lemon and brioche but still has the flinty elements. Palate has held up, vibrant and creamy at the same time. This is a great wine from a challenging vintage.

Glad to see my post was helpful.


I like these comments. I have a ‘13 Chenevottes I’ve been eyeing. May open it soon.

I think we had a 13 baudines last year that was nice