PSA K&L Wines Website is down

got a wine-searcher alert a wine I was looking for was there. The has been down since yesterday

Now I have to re-plan my weekend.

Maybe I’ll win my auction now [cheers.gif]

Their stores have also been closed since the Shelter-in-place. Deliveries only.


Forget all that biblical stuff, this is real sign that the end is nigh.

Yes, I noticed this yesterday, at least I have a VDLT shipment on the way to sustain me until next weekend.

They’ll have to relist all those auction lots. One lot I was interested in yesterday and several today. Not sure if I had any winning bids, and not interested enough to drudge through emails to find out what won’t really matter.

I had one auction yesterday and have a couple for tomorrow.

No way.

That’s Waffle House. Locusts come after the closings.

Uh-oh …

K&L has never closed, not even after the big earthquake of ‘89

I made that up

It seems like K&L hasn’t listed any new auction lots in several days… which is too bad as I feel like I’d enjoy the distraction of browsing this morning…

Maybe they will start auctioning off wines from their inventory. I suspect they do that from time to time anyhow.

Their site is up. I have been looking at auctions. Don’t know if they are active.

I haven’t received any of the usual emails from them, incl the Wednesday email about new auctions. Nor have they responded to an enquiry that was submitted before the site collapsed.

They are way behind right now. Sent an inquiry about a local delivery order and got a generic response three days later. Also I won an auction during the outage (had forgotten about my bid) and I received all the reminders to pay the day payment was due! Kinda crazy…

FYI - K&L got hit pretty bad by a recent malware attack, so their online functionality is limited at the moment.

Apparently hackers haven’t taken any time off. I hear there are still malware attacks on hospitals right now…

Fraud is way up these days. I had a few attempts made on the bank accounts of my company. The bank said fraudsters are counting on people being distracted right now, so be vigilant

Does anyone know if they are answering phone lines these days? I’m wanting to get some wine shipped out but I don’t think you can schedule without speaking to a live person.