PSA - Hi Time Wine 10% off this Tuesday

Veronica just let me know that Hi Time Wine has their 10% off sale on Tuesday, for all those interested

Do you know if it is for all wines?

Mags of 09 cristal not awful with the 10%

Thanks Todd!

I am having nightmare experience with them for the past 2 weeks. Hope I dont have to deal with them any longer.

Limited experience, but every time I have purchased from them it has been a seamless transaction

I told them not to ship my wines. Fernando tells me he has to ship it because they have no space and weather is safe (upper 80s). I speak to another guy and tells me they can hold it. I get an email from UPS that it was shipped. Goes all the way to NJ then I guess they realized their mistake and requests UPS to return it. On its return a train derails then they ship it to another location. During all this time they keep telling me they will call me back. To date i have called for updates almost 10 times and they called me 0. I found out all the information myself and nothing from them. Now I am waiting for my wines to get back to them from their Campton location then they will inspect them. I am betting nobody will call me on Monday as they told me they would.