PSA Heady Topper

Was in Brattleboro (VT) Food Coop yesterday afternoon (10/12/22) looking for Yalla Hummus. Found that plus a cooler full of Heady Topper 4-packs.

Not sure if this beer is as rare as it was at one time, but it is/was available now.

Hops and alcohol (8%) balanced and in full force. I found it a bit (a little bit) lighter in malt than some other Double IPA’s that I’ve had. All in all, a very good beer. I’m not going to spend another $15.00 in gas to go buy more, but am glad to have bagged what was once a unicorn.

It’s certainly a lot easier to find these days. If you haven’t had it, try Focal Banger, for my taste just a bit better - cleaner/crisper. Also you’re the first person I’ve noticed here within a stones throw from me - Brattleboro is about an hour from me.

Hey Tim,

As Julian said, much easy to find these days and has been for several years.

I’m not much of a beer drinker anymore…but I happily make exceptions when up in VT to ski…nothing better than a cold beer after a day on the mountain. Heady Topper was the OG and still is tasty. That said, there’s a lot of breweries up in VT that are doing great things. Upper Pass, Frost, Hillfarmstead, Fiddlehead are just a few to look for.

Glad you enjoyed it!