PSA: Domestic Wagyu On Sale At Austin Meat Company

I have had their product before, and was very pleased. This is a no brainer IMHO.

Disclaimer: I ordered ten strip steaks before posting this to ensure I got my share…and I have no financial interest.

Maybe not such a good deal after all.

I ordered yesterday afternoon with a priority overnight shipping option via FedEx. As of this morning, my order is still pending and has not even been packaged for shipping…meaning at best it doesn’t come until next Wednesday due to the long holiday weekend.

Buyer beware, and I hope that I don’t have any issues getting my AMEX credited.

Too bad. That’s some pretty good pricing.

Super pricing.

If you lived in NYC and could go pick it up, it would be well worth the trip. But not running your online store in real time and shipping accordingly just brings me back to why I order from a little shop in Corte Madera. I know the product is good from Austin Meats, but this will probably do them in for me.

Did you ever get the steaks? I see their sale is still on-going, and was thinking about ordering some.

Nope. They pissed me off with their lack of real time ordering on the website.

I thought the ones we ordered last year were awfully heavy in the fat-cap area (pushing up the billable poundage) and the shipping seemed a little much and they were shipped frozen. Overall, not a bad deal and the beef was very good. However, I like the deal (and “to deal”) with Bryan much better.