PSA; Dirty & Rowdy Drinking Windows

From today’s email:

Skin and Concrete Egg Fermented Semillon
2011: Hold: Nice depth, still fresh, secondary flavors starting to emerge. Skin tannin no longer evident. Pleasurable now - try 2018- 2022.
2012: Hold: Ripe, honeyed aromatics, nice weight, some tannin still remains. Try 2018-2023. Decant 2hrs.
2013: Hold: Bright, tightly wound, firm, still shows tannin. Try 2018-2023. Decant 3hrs.
2014: Hold: A baby. Bright, light, subtle, starting to gain a little viscosity/texture. This feels like it may be the longest lived of the group. Try 2018-2025. Decant 3hrs.

Familiar Blanc
2014: Drink or Hold: Picking up weight and depth. Moving from fun wine to serious wine. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2018.
2015: Drink or Hold: Banging and happy. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2018.

Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay
2013: Hold: Deep, bold. Starting to gain texture and depth. Pleasurable now - try 2018-2021.
2014: Hold: Tight, wound, fresh, electric. Drink 2018-2025.
Decant 3hrs and drink next day or more. The '14 will outlast the '13.
*Note: last tried with a bottle we left open for 7 days - the wine continued to improve each day.

Antle Vineyard Melon
Should be sold with a decanter :wink:
2014: Drink or Hold: Picking up weight and texture. Drink 2016-2019. Decant 3hrs and drink next day or more.
*Note: this wine picks up texture and depth with air, and the current happy place seems to be on day 3-4.

Pet Nat Pinot Blanc
Pleasure / Party Wine
2013: Drink: Get it cold and pop. No need to wait. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2017.

Traditional Method Pinot Blanc
More Sophisticated Party Wine
2013: Drink or Hold: Edges slowly rounding off. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2019.

Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard Mourvèdre
2010: Drink or Hold: Primary fruit, with secondary, and slight tertiary flavors starting to show. Weightier on the palate than later vintages. We are holding ours. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2018.
2011: Hold: Off the charts aromatics, great texture, body. Still primary in its flavors. Pleasurable now - try 2017-202.
2012: Drink or Hold: More round in tone than the ’11, nice weight, texture, secondary flavors slowly starting to appear. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2021
2013: Hold: Super fragrant, bright, lively. A lot of youthful pleasure still. Pleasurable now - try 2017/18-2023.
*Note: tasted out of 1.5L
2014: Drink or Hold: More open than the ’13. Still primary. Looser than the '11 and '13. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2021. Decant 2hrs.

Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvèdre
2011: Drink or Hold: Fresh, fruit & spice driven. It has not moved a lot since being bottled. Pleasurable now - try 2016-2022.
2012: Hold: Powerful, young, tannic. Try 2018-2026. Decant 2hrs.
2013: Hold: Heavily Perfumed, tight tannins. Pleasurable now - try 2017-2024. Decant 2hrs.
2014: Hold: Lots of youthful energy, bright acidity, granular tannins. Pleasurable now - try 2018-2025. Decant 2hrs.

Rosewood Vineyard Old Vines Mourvèdre
2012: Drink or Hold: This is showing really well but still on the upswing. Complex with some earthy flavors. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2021.
2013: Hold: Primary, tight. Pleasurable now - try 2017-2021. Decant 2hrs.

Skinner White Oak Flats Mourvèdre
2013: Hold: Tight, slowly opening. Reduction starting to fade. Great texture/weight. This could be one of our longest lived Mourvèdre. Try 2018-2026. Decant 3-4hrs.
2014: Hold: Amazing aromatics, tons of primary fruit flavors and rock. Significant tannin for its weight. Try 2018-2022. Decant 2hrs.

Skinner Stoney Creek Mourvèdre
2014: Hold: Spice, potpurri, granite, fruit. Balanced tannin. A baby, but delicious. Pleasurable now - try 2018-2024.

Antle Vineyard Mourvèdre
2013: Hold: Bigger in structure than most of our Mourvèdre. Bright flavors, good tannins. Still a baby. Try 2018-2024.

Evangelho Vineyard Old Vines Mourvèdre
2014: Hold: Explosive. bright, alive, fresh. All primary. Pleasurable now - try 2018-2024.

Familiar Mourvèdre
2013: Drink: In the zone. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2018.
2014: Drink: Aromatic, alive. Charming. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2018.
2015 Drink or Hold: Fun, deep, dark flavors. Refreshing. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2019.

Rosewood Vineyards Old Vines Petite Sirah
2012: Hold: Regal and just getting better. Pleasurable now - drink 2018-2022.
2013: Hold: Wild. Barnyard. Reductive. Wound up. Take some time. Drink 2018-2022. Decant 3hrs.

Fred & Dora’s Old Vines Petite Sirah
2014: Hold: Great aromatics and graceful weight, bold, astringent tannins. Drink 2017-2024. Decant 2-3hrs.
*Note: with a good decant, this wine is pretty delicious and fun right now. There is a ton of dry tannin so make sure you have something to eat.

Mourvèdre Especial
Fun & Funky. These are meant to be consumed early. If you still have them in 750ml, it is time to drink!
2013: Drink: Wild and alive. Serve with a slight chill and don’t hold back. Pleasurable now - drink 2016.
*Note: double decant for some trapped CO2, but no need for anything more.
2014: Drink: Tighter than the ’13 but still with a wild streak. Pleasurable now - drink 2016-2017.

They also announced Kate and Hardy are expecting there first child; Mazel Tov!!!


Loved today’s email and how every Semillon is hold!!!

I was looking at one last night. Glad I passed it by.


Hmm, I think I have one bottle of Semillon left.

Thank you! Any day now. [cheers.gif]

Had the 2014 semillon at the beach last week. Tasted great. Really enjoy those weird semillons.

so, basically “drink…and hold”

Gonna bottle anything special?

Thank you! We hope to. We picked up a new vineyard this year in hopes that it will be one to lay down for many many years. If not, we’ll just give her some Semillon :wink:

Dig the notes. Enjoy the wine. Love the man. Hardy you’re a damn genius!

I guess I never fully grasped the concept that the Dirty and Rowdy “Familiar” Mourvedre is built to last longer than the “Especial”.

I think the honoring of the birth of a new family member with a special bottling is a romantic, noble concept - be it a timeless Semillon, a sparkling wine, or even a solera of every year of the new babe’s life. :slight_smile:

I hope that the future continues to bring joy and prosperity to the D&R family!

Thanks Drew-
Both the Familiar wines and the Especial wines are intended to be consumed early (within 3 years), it is just that the Familiar wines are hanging in longer than the Especial. The Especial wines only saw a very short maceration (approx 5days) and though red are 1/2 way between red and rosé.

We hope the wine we intend to make will be long-lived, though I really like your solera idea!