PSA: Cray-cray Sandler vertical offer

Ed Kurtzman has an offer up including several Sandler verticals at nice prices. Took a Keefer myself. Check it out:

What style are these? Do they age?

Californian origin is unmistakable, but they are stylish and balanced. They definitely age just fine. The 2011 wines should just be coming into their prime, IMO.

There are literally hundreds of big Sandler fans here, me included.

Ed replied to my email quickly. These sound right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up. Went with 2 keefers and 1 bien nacido, because I love wines from the vineyard. Wish me luck on my exploration.

I don’t know you personally, Gerald, but I’d strongly suspect your only regret will be that you didn’t buy more. Ed’s a terrific winemaker (and an even better human being), he’s making pinot from some of the best vineyards in the state, and the price is what you’d pay for grocery store plonk.

As far as the style, I’d call it medium weight California pinot, sort of splitting the difference (stylistically, not in terms of measurable alcohol or Brix or things like that) between your Rhys, Copain and Kutch type producers and your big boys like Loring, Kistler and Martinelli. It has ripeness and broad appeal, but it’s well short of being sweet, oaky or heavy, and it has complexity, balance and a pretty texture. Maybe in the ballpark stylistically of Sojourn, Cabot, Scherrer, Joseph Swan, if that’s of any use (and if anyone thinks I’m off base on that, please share your opinion, I don’t want to be describing this wrongly due to my yak-like tendencies).

I think it was these two vineyards that Ed was pouring as verticals at Pinot Days in NYC in January. I’m certain I was really impressed, even if I’m a little less confident I have the vineyards right.

Man, you guys are a terrible (fantastic) influence.

So, Keefer and Bien Nacido?

Any over favorites?

One of the high points of my day, nothing quite excites me these days as a beautifully made pinot can. In for 2 Bien Nacidos.
I am a big fan of Ed’s BN and am excited about the 11s included.
When we speak QPR, these epitomize QPR. $27.50 (all in!)

“cray cray”?

Bid fan of Ed here… just trying to decide how many!!!

hipster talk for crazy

Went for a Keefer vertical. Nice offer…like BD in March. Thanks Ed. [cheers.gif]

Sandler Keefer with some age on it is really enjoyable - let some rest a bit

Thanks for the PSA, Nate, and thanks everyone for the compliments.

I thought that was funny you put cray-cray in the thread title. The first time I ever saw that, it was actually written as cra cra, was in the famous Winemaker Beware thread that Nola started about a year and a half ago. I had to do a search for cra cra since I had absolutely no idea what it meant. Ironic that it’s now in this thread.

WHen I think of Cray-cray, Ed, I often think of you!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s exactly how I think of you, Bud! Good thing you have Margaret to keep you sane-sane.

I thought there ware small lobster type shrimp being paired with the Pinot.

Uncharacteristically, I’m speechless!!!

'11 keefer arrived and opened within an hour. Chris, your descriptors meet the experience I had with this bottle.

Thank you for the heads up Nate, and as always, thank you to Ed. If I needed more domestic pinot, I’d grab a whole lot more.