PSA…2017 Talley Arroyo Grande Chard…$13.50!!

Dana Point showed 35 bottles in stock about 2:00 just left there and it’s sold out.

I got 6 of the 2018. It’s been reliable. Not mind-blowing, but very good Chard at the price.

I picked up a few today. Hard to beat at that price.

Ok…now the 2018 is on the 5cent sale…plus 15% off if you buy 12…add in a $10 coupon…they are now $11.90!!! Beep beep beep!


Is anyone else having a hard time squaring the notion of Buzz drinking at sub-$100 bottle, let alone something for $11.90 to the Penny!?!


Haha…$11 or $1100…I drink all things good! :grin: Getting a deal is a pleasure in itself…

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Yesterday, my sister and I finally consumed a 2018, and our thoughts - when compared to the 2017 - was that it’s a little bit less exciting than the 2017. It’s still pretty good, and worth the (low!) price, but I’m not going to reload beyond the other bottle I have. NB: 2020 is the current release on the shelves.

It’s nothing I can truly put my finger on, but the Talley I’ve gotten from BevMo do not taste as good as from my (high turnover) supermarket. Also, for those with a Costco in the region, various Talley has been hitting their stacks too.

I had the 2020 at the winery and thought it was a lot better than the vintages mentioned above. It is the one to load up on. I liked it better than the Rincon and Rosemary’s. These never seem to show up at Total.

2018 Talley Estate Chardonnay [Arroyo Grande] The estate wine is 13.6% abv, and as others mention good for the consumer who doesn’t care for an amped out vanilla/butter bomb. Medium bodied, some brightness, gentle oak, with a palate of white pears and the smell of wet stones. It’s very likable, and a heck of a value for whatever reasons caused it to get discounted at retail last year. This BevMo bottle was fresher than the prior one, and if there were concerns about a TCA afflicted bottling run, I find that hard to believe, given my 2017 and 2018 were sealed under DIAM10. Pretty tasty, and better than one back in the fall, and meriting an A- in my scorecard.

PS: I’m not sure what the certification entails, but the back label notes that the winery has sustainability credentials.

KL still has a million bottles of these for $14!

Just finished my last bottle last weekend with friends. Everyone says “oh, what’s that”.

I think it’s the mineral foundation. Really nice.

It’s kind of like a slate patio after the (never ending) rain here.

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