ProWein 2020, VinItaly both will be rescheduled?

particular to my trip. I can return, and now, with the rescheduling of VinItaly, I will do so before my planned return of 23 April. As of this writing, I may be subject to ‘additional screening’, but that’s a moving target.

The hysteria there (USA) is nauseating; dozens of panicky messages so far, and I’m 8,000+ miles away.

In 6 weeks, most won’t remember that this even happened.

LMAO, VinItaly in June…25C serving temps. Pass…

I hope every single grower avoids, even if I know they won’t. Sigh.


I believe all the pavilions are now air-conditioned, a huge improvement from a few years ago.

They should be able to come back, but they would normally go through 14 days quarantine. It is possible that this is “self-quarantine”, which could mean almost anything. Like the case just diagnosed in Berzerkeley–the person was from a country with a high incidence, and “largely” avoided circulating in public (only the occasional trip to Chez Panisse, I guess)…

My plan is still to go to the Loire (for work), and I won’t give that up easily. But my workplace, with Federal funding, may still force its cancellation…

All schools in Italy are now closed until 15 March, sports programs cancelled, too. Hundreds of thousands scrambling to cover daycare, etc. Complicated is an understatement. Feel for these folks :confused:

On a bright note, tasted some exciting wines at A Vita in Cirò Marina today.

I’ll be in Toscana beginning 7 March, and I’ll be getting some grower sentiment/feedback re: the fairs

ProWein 2020 has in fact just been cancelled

“The ProWein 2020 had to be postponed due to the effects of the Coronavirus/Covid-19; the new dates are the regular trade fair dates from Sunday, 21 March to Tuesday, 23 March 2021”

  • from the source

Looks like it’s a go for this November.

November 10 – 12, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

Wondering what will become of the Dusseldorf event in March, 2021?

ProWein 2021 has just been cancelled

Next ProWein in Düsseldorf from 27 to 29 March 2022
ProWein 2021 – the world’s leading and most relevant trade fair for wines and spirits – will not be held as planned from 19 to 23 March on account of the Covid-19 related restrictions. The current developments in Covid-19 infections, the travel situation and legal framework have led Messe Düsseldorf as ProWein organiser to re-assess the situation. Especially due to the decision adopted by the federal and state governments on 25 November 2020 according to which the holding of trade fairs continues to be prohibited, further developments are unforeseeable. “We have not taken this decision lightly – instead we have very carefully weighed the arguments for and against a trade fair during these dynamic pandemic times in close and in-depth consultation with our partners and exhibitors. The decisive factor for us was our exhibitors’ and visitors’ interests,” explained Erhard Wienkamp, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.