ProWein 2020, VinItaly both will be rescheduled?

Tonight I’m in Lecce, with meetings this week throughout Puglia. It was a really long drive from Grosseto this morning. At the end of my drive, I see a message that ProWein is cancelled (i. e to rescheduled). I’m guessing VinItaly is next.

My annual 3 months (winter/spring) visit, all over Italy, is going to need a reboot for the 2nd and 3rd months. :frowning:

Reminder to self: cancel flight from Milano>Köln>Milano, and hope for a refund.

I’ve already punted, and decided to move to Alsace, and Burgundy, from 4 Apr - 17 Apr., so there’s that.

This virus thingy is reeking a bit of havoc.

Silver lining, just had some really great pizza in Lecce :sunglasses:

as of today, I am not allowed to return to usa. this will probably change in some weeks, or in another month.

if things get worse, then i have the possibility of exceeding my 90 day maximum in EU - possible stiff fine, though under the circumstances, would likely be waived.

The VinItaly is probably the next to be cancelled.

Anyone else effected?

Tim, are you not allowed to return to the USA because you are coming back from Italy? Can you elaborate? I have a trip planned to Provence in 4 weeks and I am starting to think that might not happen.

the US just increased the travel alert from Italy specifically yesterday.

granted, Provence is very close but at this point France is still fine and I’m still planning my trip to Lyon in April

EDIT: just double checked, FWIW, Italy is the highest level of travel precaution (level 3) and France is not on the list at all (level 1, 2, or 3)

I believe it is level 4.

Also, unless each European country closes its borders, in theory, all people visiting France (as an example) could, in theory, be coming into contact with people from Italy, or Germany (the second most affected country), etc.

My wife and I were just talking about her plan to meet me for a 10 day holiday in Alsace - she’s already purchased her first class ticket for 6-17 Apr. Who can say what’s going to happen…

yeah I do kind of think having only a single European country on the list seems a little silly. like there’s not free travel between them or something.

annoying decision to me personally, but undoubtedly the appropriate one given circumstances

have been there every year since 2005 – was looking forward to a victory lap dance before saying ‘nuff’

Hey, buddy.

Keep us posted on your adventures.

I’m guessing France is due up next for a crack down. The Louvre is now closed.

Caroline is heading to the UK with her mom in a few weeks and trying to decide if it is worth it or if she should just cancel and lose the trip cost. If not for the pesky work thing, she would love to be stuck in Europe for a few months (naturally, I mean hopefully, she would send for me).

I just left the farm of one of favorite producers, Natalino del Prete. Word is (i. e. not gospel, yet) that the VinItaly will go on as planned (mid April).

It’s 22C now, just before my meeting with Gianfranco Fino - can only imagine what the temps will be like in those non-air condtioned halls of the fair in Verona; it’s always too warm. This year, likely worse than ever. Read: yikes!

Grands Jours de Bourgogne now cancelled with just under a week’s notice - but so far VinItaly still claims to be going ahead despite its location near one of the prime danger zones

We are assuming Vinitaly will be cancelled. Verona is so close to the quarantine area, having tens of thousands of visitors cluster there doesn’t sound like a good idea.

ProWein postponed not cancelled, according to Messe Düsseldorf’s current & recently updated info

somebody have more reliable info?

James, my original post said “rescheduled”, but it might as well be cancelled, because getting all those tens of thousands of visitors’ schedules aligned (again) would seem futile, to me, anyway. I heard it was proposed (based on Messe availability) in September - uh, non-starter. If you can get more reliable than that, go for it.

I was with a grower in Brindisi around 12p, she says the VinItaly will be a go. But, my friend works at University in Verona, and he is forbidden from interacting with the public (during his working hours). Strange times, with rules that make zero sense.

To be safe, USA should just ban travel from the Schengen Zone to avoid this. But at least there should be good food & wine there! Thanks for your report from the hot zone.

thanks, Tim –

but their website is still maintaining »verschoben« postponed
and yes, it would be a herculean effort to get all the growers together, never mind the attendees
but perhaps being German could prove to be an advantage in this instance…

website still showing »verschoben«

…while the publishing trade fair Leipziger Buchmesse 12–15 March is officially »abgesagt«

and in the last hour, ProWein just added a banner ‘Postponed’ over the dates on their front page

Vinitaly has been postponed until June 14-17.

Am I understanding correctly that an American citizen traveling in Italy right now is literally forbidden to return to the USA at the end of his trip? Or is there something particular to you or your travel that is the cause?