Providence with George Derbalian.

September 30, 2016 - Dinner at Providence with George Derbalian. The food and service at Providence has been excellent the four times I have eaten there this year. Several amuse, then four fish courses, an added course of pasta with white truffles, duck, cheese, and two desserts were all well matched to the wines. The wines tonight were mostly brought by George, with my lone offering of 1988 DRC La Tache, although I did have the 2006 Roulot Meursault Perrieres with me. The pair of 2009 Pierre Yves Colin-Morey wines, always some of my favorites, was showing well. The Chevalier was racy with lots of spine, while the Montrachet was oily and full bodied, but not quite up to the intensity of the Chevalier. The 2002 Anne Gros Richebourg tasted stemmy in a positive sense but George said she doesn’t use them. Lots of fruit to this and still a bit young for me since I like my wines older. The 1988 DRC La Tache was an original purchase and in pristine condition. Similar to an 88 Leroy Richebourg from a couple weeks ago, this wine also had a wonderful Vosne spice filled nose showing a little age, but the palate was a little under performing comparatively speaking. Will this wine ever open up? Then as we ordered cheese, George pulled out the 1996 Rousseau Chambertin, asking if we should try it. Of course, especially since Rousseau has been making some amazing wines and his Chambertin is always one of my favorites. This wine, even after being in the car while George was seeing clients all over LA, showed the highest of heights of pinot. Pure fruit, great intensity yet subtle power, the iron fist in a velvet glove type of wine. The best bottle of this vintage I have had. Thank you George for a great night.

He has a great portfolio of wines Jerry. This sounds really nice.

Sounds wonderful Jerry.

I think I have preferred the Chevy over the Montrachet almost every time with PYCM.

Sounds like a very nice evening, Jerry.
How did you find the acidity level in the Rousseau?

Lovely evening and wines!

You guys drank very well…


you drink well!