Provence, FR

Heading to Provence for the first time coming up this June. GF and I will be biking for 9 days, but most importantly eating and drinking our way thru it.

I’m already very stoked and can’t wait to get there. I was seeing if anyone here knows of any books related to Provence that could get even more of my juices flowing? I personally enjoy historical nonfiction, my GF more of a nonfiction reader.


no brainer…


We did a cylcling tour through Provence, Gordes, Gigondas, CDP 2 years ago. It was amazing, and you will have a great time! Check out Pollen in Avignon, and check out this guy that does private tastings, and will ship wines back home for a very good price.

Got to love this, 1980s Provence wine exploration. I’m sold. Thank you for the suggestion :grin:

yes! Pretty stoked about the ride……now I do hear it can be a real b@st@rd as far as hills, elevation, vO2max

You will be fine. My wife had an ebike, I had a regular road bike. We both made it to the top of Mt Ventdoux.

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