Produttori del Barbaresco

Produttori is a wonderful producer of traditional Nebbiolo which offers great value in each of its bottlings. My passion for these wines has overwhelmed me in recent days since I finally got back to write up a dinner of Produttori wines from 2010. This reminded me that I never posted my notes and photos from the great Produttori tasting that Rare Wine Co put on with Aldo Vacca back in 2009. All this got me to finally create a page about the Produttori’s Barbarescos (like my Giacosa and other pages). So here they are:

If anyone has any photos of bottles that I’m missing, I would greatly appreciate receiving them. I am especially looking for photos of back labels which contain useful information.

Also, any feedback or corrections on these pages would be appreciated.

This is great, Ken. The Convivio and Braeburn pages really brought back some memories. I’ve often wondered why RWC doesn’t hold more dinners here on the east coast. That Dinner is what really got me started with writing about wine. It’s funny to see who was there, because at the time, I was so enthralled with the wine that I missed almost everything else that went on there that night.

Your website is great for producers with lots of details for us to obsess over and Produttori del Barbaresco certainly fits the bill.

Thanks, Eric!

BTW if you can identify anyone at that dinner that I did not, I would appreciate it.

And if anyone can identify themselves, please do (and I’m sorry, I’m really bad at names).

What an excellent post, Ken. Thanks for sharing this!! [welldone.gif]

Ken, your website is impressive, and this latest addition is as well. Lots to learn and fun to see and study the labels (also drool . . . .) Thank you for sharing.


Always loved your site. For the '06 Produttori lots, you can add 10.148 to your list as I recently bought some bottles from that lot.

Thanks, Devin. Can you send me a photo of the back label with the lot #?

Does the quality seem to differ from lot to lot?

You bet.

Nice work Ken - thanks!

Thanks to all who’ve posted notes on those events.

Has anyone tried their 1990 Centennario? Recently?

No. Do you own it? I have not seen it for sale recently. I would love to try it.

With regards to your site, all I have to say is… dude, flirtysmile

Very nice, Ken! I hope we get to taste some wine next summer!

The 1985 Produttori del Barbaresco Rabaja you opened at Barbetta was a real eye opener and a great wine. The liveliness of the fruit combined with the earthiness of the style and terroir in general to create a wonderful balance of components. I have been searching for comparably aged bottles since then and have managed to pick up a few from Chambers, but someone seems to be lurking out there and spiking my bids at auctions at the last minute. Death would be too light a penalty for that.

Was able to enjoy this mag this past June for my 40th Birthday. A friend of mine is a distributor for Aldo and brought it home for me straight out of Aldo’s cellar.

There were 6 of us trying it. It took a few minutes for the funk to blow off, but there was still structure to it. The fruit tones fell apart after about an hour in glass and was non existent. It was fabulous wine experience.


Really appreciate the effort put into these pages. Produttori is a marvelous addition. A wonderful cooperative and Aldo is a great spokesman for the wines. When we visited he was musing over the fact that in his family he became the winemaker, but the vines went elsewhere.

Nice work Dr. Vastola!

Very cool! Does it say “Riserva” on the left side of the neck label? Do you have a clearer photo? Do you still have the bottle or any pictures of the back label?

We had a Westchester Beserkers night out on Thursday. I brought a 1970 Produttori Pora. It was tired and less than great. A big disappointment. Hopefully my last two bottles will show better.