Problems selling on Vinfolio

I’ve been selling extra bottles on Vinfolio for a few years and have been mostly happy until recently.

I sent them some wines last fall and several bottles have never been listed on their website. They’ve been telling me for months it’s a computer glitch and it will be fixed any day, which never happens. I’ve gone through 3 “customer service” people, the first two have left the company, not a good sign. They refuse to answer my questions about where the wines are. I’ve requested the wines returned but they do not respond to those requests by email and they do not return my phone calls.

Has anyone else been having similar problems or know a way to get through to a manager?


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If you DM me, I can give you the President of Vinfolio’s e-mail address, I also have the email for the group CEO.


Thanks to @HenryB I was able to get in touch with some higher ups and they have straightened out my situation, offering to buy out the wines that they have had issues getting on their website, a fair resolution.

I’ve had success selling some extra wines on their site and have had excellent customer service from them up until this issue, so hopefully they can straighten out their CS and listing issues in the future.