Problem posting a link

In a recent post in the What Champagne Are You Drinking thread I tried to add a link to the Guide Hachette page for the wine, but it didn’t work. Strangely, it does here.

Is this a bug?

Maybe it’s a (Corona) virus?

It’s because you are using html markup from CellarTracker, which overrides the system’s ability to do a hyperlink embedded in words. If you remove all that extraneous ul code it will work - same goes for tagging someone - if you use the CT html markup you lose the software’s ability to do many things as that code is overriding it all

Like this

2019 Joël Defrance Rosé des Riceys - France, Champagne, Rosé des Riceys (27/01/2023)

This is my first Rosé des Riceys, and I like it rather much.

Pull and pour at about 10-12 degrees as recommended on the label. Initially the acidity is rather aggressive, but this moderates with a few minutes air. The nose is then very like a rosé champagne - tart red fruit and a hint of minerality. These follow to the palate which is very crisp but where a hint of sweetness appears on the mid-palate. The finish is rather long, crisp, but with light drying tannins coating the mouth.

The overall impression for me is something somewhere between a flat rosé de saignée champagne, and a very light Burgundy. It’s working rather well both as an aperitif and with some lightly-spiced Asian food.

According to the Guide Hachette, which accords the wine one star, in France this would sell for ~11-15 euros. Sadly, and unusually, it is somewhat more expensive here in Hong Kong at ~27 euros (US$29.5). At the purported French price this would be a massive repeat buy for me. (91 points)

(if you view Edit on yours you can see what I mean - it’s the ul code that screws it all up - here’s the code as I edited it, and inserted above showing how it works afterward)

So basically links within posts with HTML markup need to be done using HTML, not the forum software’s link-parsing mechanism. That makes sense - and I’ve edited my original post so that the link within the CT-imported section works.

Thanks for the guidance.

I often tag people in my CT notes, so in order to do so, I have to remove the ‘ul’ stuff so I can tag