Prima Materia | The Italian Connection **OFFER CLOSED** Thanks Everyone!

I absolutely LOVE Italian varietals. Best food friendly varietals on the planet IMHO.
Pietro, your attention to detail (in reading your wine descriptions on your website) is incredible. I can only imagine the same meticulous care is put into every single bottle of wine you make. I am eminently intrigued. flirtysmile

IN for a mixed CASE!

Pietro and Prima Materia’s wines are absolutely one of a kind. I first met him when I was a buyer for a wine shop and subsequently have helped him out in the vineyards and tasted his wines. The meticulous farming and incredible effort he puts into taking care of his vines and crafting unique wines with a nod of Old World sensibilities with New World warmth gives the wines a structure and depth that’s totally unique. They are also a homage to the history of Italian immigrants in California who helped establish the wine scene in the late nineteenth and twentieth century. Give these wines a shot. You won’t regret it. I personally love the Barbera and Aglianico. Pair with your favorite Bolognese sauce for the former and Osso Bucco or short ribs for the latter. I’m definitely in for some bottles.


Thanks Pat, I will check it out…

Aglianico is still amazingly underutilized in warmer climates - let’s hope we see more in the future!

Thank so much - we are all about the narrow and deep here! Hope you enjoy them - Pietro

You will not be disappointed. Pietro’s Aglianico is superb!

Hi Pat,
It is close enough, so we are all good. Thanks for the heads up and hope you enjoy them!

Thanks Pietro! I need to expand my horizons and this looks like a great way to do that, thanks for the offer!!

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I had the good fortune on summer to see Prima’s holdings and watch Pietro and his team in action. The craftsmanship and attention to detail at every stage was truly incredible, and the resulting quality of the wines speak for themselves. Prima is the real-deal!

Thank you Dana - I have been personally inspired by the Ancient Wine Guys and Dr. Dana’s eloquent expository enunciations as well!

Too kind Ti. You have helped us in the vineyard, with bottling, and philosophically throughout the years, and it is great to work with you and the Ancient Wine Guys for our wine club as well!

Thank you Lori!!!

FYI I’m in NC and tried to purchase as well, but got the same message - though I don’t see NC listed in the “We can’t ship to” list. And I don’t have a vacation home to send it to, bummer :smiley:

Let me see what I can do and I’ll get right back to you! That one should be ok…

Hi David - NC should work now. Thanks for the heads up! champagne.gif

My first love is Italian wines, my second love are CA wines, so of course I went in on a mixed case here… 2x each of The Katechon, Sagrantino, Aglianico, Refosco, and 2x of the Barbera/Aglianco Rose and Vermentino so it’s not ALL enamel-stripping tannin bombs, haha.

Awesome, I just put in an order, thank you!

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Thanks for the order Steve - I have your selections down. Cheers!

I’m so proud - no one has ordered any Cab Sauv yet, but Aglianico, Nebbiolo, and Sagrantino are in a death match at the top of the pack!

But of course.
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